Xi’an Market Supervision Bureau issued a warm reminder on food safety in spring catering services
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   The temperature rises in spring, and the climatic conditions of food storage change accordingly. Bad eating habits, improper food storage or unsafe food is more likely to cause food poisoning. In order to prevent and reduce the occurrence of food poisoning incidents and ensure the safety of the public’s diet, the Xi’an Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued a warm reminder on the food safety of catering services in the spring of 2021.
  Consumers should enhance their awareness of self-protection

  Choose a safe place to eat
   When dining out, consumers should choose a catering unit that has obtained the”Food Business License” and ask for an invoice or receipt. It is recommended to choose a catering unit with a high quantitative food safety rating and not patronize unlicensed vendors.
  Prevention of wild vegetables poisoning
   Do not pick, buy, or eat wild vegetables at will. When picking wild vegetables, you must pay attention to whether there are signs that prohibit the picking of wild vegetables nearby. Do not pick and eat wild vegetables that you do not know or have not eaten, and avoid poisoning by eating wild vegetables.
  Prevention of mushroom poisoning
   Spring is the season when poisonous mushrooms are frequently poisoned. When buying mushrooms and other foods, you should go to regular supermarkets and farmer’s markets to purchase them. Do not buy them at random from retail shops and keep your shopping voucher. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the ability to identify wild mushrooms and not pick wild mushrooms arbitrarily, especially not to purchase, make, and eat wild mushrooms that have not been eaten or known.
  Prevention of germinated potato poisoning
   Spring is the period when potatoes are easy to germinate. Eating sprouting potatoes can easily cause food poisoning. Please do not buy and eat potatoes that have too much sprouting or whose skins have turned blue-purple.
  Prevention of puffer fish poisoning
   Puffer fish is very toxic. The public should raise their awareness of self-protection and refrain from buying or eating puffer fish. If you accidentally eat puffer fish, if you have numbness of the lips and other symptoms of nervous system poisoning, you should go to the hospital immediately.
  Catering service units should strengthen preventive measures
   Catering service providers, especially schools, kindergartens, construction sites, government agencies, corporate canteens and other catering service providers, should focus on the prevention of bacterial food poisoning, strictly implement the food raw material purchase ticket and certificate system, and do not use corruption and deterioration Foods, raw materials and food additives of unknown origin are prohibited from purchasing, storing, and using nitrite, and processing and selling puffer fish and its products are prohibited; the farmhouse prohibits the processing, production and sale of wild mushrooms; food production, processing, and storage locations must meet food safety requirements. It is strictly forbidden to make and sell cold dishes without permission. Tableware and food containers directly ingested must be washed and disinfected. The remaining cooked food should be stored in refrigeration and stored at room temperature for no more than two hours. It should be cooked and cooked thoroughly before consumption. Once a food poisoning or suspicious food poisoning accident occurs, the food and its raw materials, tools and utensils, equipment and facilities that have caused or may cause a food safety accident shall be immediately sealed up and reported to the supervisory authority at the same time.
  Special reminder
   Once the general public has nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea and other typical symptoms of food poisoning after eating, they should go to a nearby regular medical institution for treatment immediately, and do not take drugs indiscriminately to avoid delaying the disease; and report to the market supervision department of the jurisdiction, And pay attention to retaining the relevant evidence such as consumption vouchers, cases, leftover food, vomit, excrement, etc., to avoid the difficulty in identifying food poisoning due to missing the best time for investigation and lack of evidence.
  If food quality and safety problems are found, you can call 12315 to make a complaint.