Wuhu Wuwei City Market Supervision Bureau launches special inspection of food safety around campus
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   In order to further strengthen the supervision of food safety around the campus, strictly implement the main responsibility of the food business operators around the campus, and ensure the students’ “safety on the tongue”, during the spring school period, Wuhu The Wuwei Market Supervision Bureau launched a special inspection of food safety around the campus.

   One is to highlight the key points of rectification and intensify the crackdown. The bureau organizes law enforcement officers to conduct centralized inspections of key objects such as small grocery stores around campuses and school canteen distribution units within its jurisdiction, and severely investigate and punish the illegal or over-range use of preservatives and preservatives in the process of food storage and sales. It is required to store food, sell expired food, spoiled food,”three-no” food and other illegal activities, and encourage operators not to sell or sell less”five-mao food” such as spicy noodles and puffed food with low nutritional content.

   The second is to highlight the main responsibility and standardize business behavior. During inspections, the law enforcement officers of the Bureau urged food operators to establish a sound food safety management system, strictly control source purchases, implement the purchase inspection, certificate and ticket request system, and prevent the purchase of food from unclear sources and channels, and supervise food operations. According to their own circumstances, the foods should be self-checked on the shelf life of the foods regularly, and expired foods should be removed in time.

   The third is to highlight key periods and strengthen guidance and publicity. The law enforcement officers of the bureau conduct inspections during key time periods such as school and school. On the one hand, they can serve as a warning to operators and urge operators to pay attention to student food safety issues. On the other hand, they can facilitate publicity to students and parents and advocate for students and parents. Choose safe, healthy, green and nutritious foods.

   In the next step, the bureau will continue to strengthen the supervision and inspection of food businesses around the campus, carefully investigate various hidden dangers, and require businesses to quickly rectify problems found In place, continue to urge business households to implement their main responsibilities for food safety, fulfill legal obligations, strengthen their own management, and earnestly maintain school food safety.