What are the proposals made by the representatives of the People’s Congress of the Wine Industry? (One)
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   In 2020, across the country, with one mind and one mind, we will overcome the impact of the epidemic and achieve a comprehensive victory in the fight against poverty and the great historical achievement of building a moderately prosperous society in an extraordinary year. We have written extraordinary answers in an extraordinary year. Therefore, the”Two Sessions” in 2021 are of unique historical significance and have attracted much attention. So, what does the National People’s Congress representative of China’s wine industry care about this year? The editor will successively collect and sort out the suggestions and speeches of the representatives of the wine industry of the two sessions, in order to satisfy the readers and convey the good voice of the wine industry.
  Li Shuguang:Live up to the people’s trust, perform your duties seriously

   National People’s Congress, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Wuliangye Group
   Li Shuguang, deputy to the National People’s Congress, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Wuliangye Group, said that he participates in the agenda of the conference with a high degree of political responsibility and a full mental state, is dedicated and earnestly performs his duties, and lives up to the people’s trust. Wuliangye will fully implement the new development concept, actively serve the new development pattern, accelerate the construction of a world-class enterprise, give full play to the pillar role of state-owned enterprises, and lay the foundation for a good start and start in the”14th Five-Year Plan”, and welcome the party building with excellent results 100th anniversary.
  Zhou Suming:Further optimize the business environment

   Representative of the National People’s Congress, Chairman of Jinshiyuan Liquor Industry
   Chairman Zhou Suming said that promoting the implementation of a high-standard market system is an important support for the construction of a new development pattern and the basis for the high-quality development of an enterprise. Optimizing the business environment is an important part of the establishment of a high-standard market system. First, let the market play the leading role and continuously optimize relevant rules and order. Second, let enterprises be the vanguard. Third, let the pro-qing new type of political-business relations nourish the business environment.
  Hongjiang Zhou:Suggested wine tax reduction or exemption

   National People’s Congress representative, Chairman of Changyu Group
  Chairman Zhou Hongjiang said that the recommendations of the two sessions this year will continue to focus on reducing the tax burden of the wine industry and optimizing the industrial development environment. In the process of the industry’s efforts to achieve the”14th Five-Year Plan” goal, it is recommended that relevant government departments give fair treatment in formulating taxation. It is hoped that they can learn from the practices of wine developed countries and introduce relevant policies on the reduction and exemption of consumption tax, or tax the wine industry. The policy is implemented in accordance with the standards of agricultural products. Of course, in the process of multi-faceted efforts, enterprises should bear the main responsibility.
  Zeng Na:Establish an innovative communication mechanism for cultural heritage to promote rural revitalization

   National People’s Congress representative, the 23rd generation inheritor of Luzhou Laojiao liquor traditional brewing techniques,

   General Manager of Tasting Innovation Center of Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd.
   On the occasion of the opening of the two sessions, General Manager Zeng Na put forward suggestions on the two directions of traditional cultural expression and rural revitalization. First, we should continue to strengthen the protection of cultural heritage, establish an innovative dissemination mechanism for cultural heritage, continue to introduce new and innovative development, and make cultural heritage”live”. At the same time, we should make full use of new media and other emerging media to systematically promote the content of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and send more high-quality cultural”feasts” to the people. Second, we must persist in using development methods to eliminate the root causes of poverty in rural revitalization. First of all, we must vigorously carry out industrial assistance and consumption assistance in the work of rural revitalization, and innovate consumption assistance models. It is also necessary to introduce all kinds of outstanding talents to the countryside, cultivate and strengthen a group of knowledgeable, skilled, and compound talents who understand policies, know technology, and are good at communication, and create a good environment for the growth of talents in rural revitalization.
  Yu Dong:Protect and”activate” Chinese time-honored brands

   National People’s Congress representative, Director of Willing Liquor Industry, Vice President of Production Base
  Vice President Yu Dong said that this year will bring suggestions on further strengthening the protection and development of Chinese time-honored brands. First of all, Chinese time-honored enterprises should pay close attention to domestic and foreign trademark announcements and register relevant trademarks in a timely manner. Relevant state departments actively guide and support time-honored brands to speed up the registration of overseas trademarks. Secondly, drawing lessons from foreign legislative experience, the criminal law at the national level should establish a crime of infringing on the exclusive rights of well-known business names, and imposing a certain amount of fines and penalties on infringers, which can prevent troubles to a certain extent and effectively protect China’s time-honored brands. Finally, the state must actively support the development of China’s time-honored brands. Introduce relevant”time-honored brand” support measures and adopt appropriate preferential policies to help Chinese time-honored brands become alive; including”expanding the financing channels of time-honored enterprises and supporting the willing and qualified time-honored enterprises to list on the stock market” and so on.
  Jiang Ming:Cancel wine consumption tax

   NPC representative, founder and chairman of Tianming Group
   On the occasion of the opening of the two sessions, Jiang Ming submitted”Suggestions on Reducing the Over-taxation of my country’s Wine Industry and Improving Market Competitiveness”. The vigorous development of my country’s wine industry has an irreplaceable role in promoting the effective use of land resources, improving the rural ecological environment, effectively solving the problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, helping poverty-stricken areas get rid of poverty and becoming rich, stabilizing borders, and satisfying and expanding residents’ consumption. Chairman Jiang Ming suggested increasing investment in scientific research, optimizing varieties and cultivation techniques; reducing tax burdens and optimizing the environment for industrial development.