Wen’s shares join hands with South China Agricultural University to create an”upgraded version” of industry-university-research cooperation
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   On the morning of February 28, the opening ceremony of Huanong Wen’s Science and Technology Innovation Center, Wen Zhifen donating 20 million yuan to South China Agricultural University, part-time professors and graduate students of South China Agricultural University A series of activities such as the awarding ceremony of the mentor letter of appointment, the signing ceremony of the technical cooperation agreement between Wen’s shares and the School of Animal Science of South China Agricultural University, and the seminar on livestock and poultry breeding were held in South China Agricultural University. South China Agricultural University Party Secretary Wang Binwei, President Liu Yahong, head of the Research Institute, all team members and key teachers of the School of Animal Science, etc.; Wen Zhifen, Chairman of Wen’s Co., Ltd., President Liang Zhixiong, Executive Vice President Li Shaosong, and other group executives and Wen Research Persons in charge of the hospital, livestock and poultry breeding units attended the meeting. Vice-presidents of South China Agricultural University Qiu Rongliang and Zhong Qiang hosted relevant activities respectively.

   At the donation ceremony, Wang Binwei, on behalf of the South China Agricultural University, expressed his high respect and sincere thanks to Chairman Wen Zhifen for his generous donation. Wang Binwei said that for a long time, Chairman Wen Zhifen has been very concerned about and supporting the school-enterprise cooperation between the two sides, and has continuously promoted deeper cooperation. Carry out quality personnel training, scientific research and social service work.

   Wen Zhifen said that the donation is not designated for use, and no monument will be named, hoping to contribute to the teaching and research undertakings of his alma mater. He also emphasized that the school-enterprise cooperation over the years has achieved a win-win situation. The cooperative relationship between the two parties has become a model of domestic school-enterprise cooperation. In the future, Wen’s shares will make full use of the advantages of the industrial platform to help South China Agricultural University introduce cutting-edge talents and produce more high-end talents. Level scientific research results to achieve high returns on industrial investment.

   At the inauguration ceremony of Huanong Wen’s Science and Technology Innovation Center, Liu Yahong congratulated the establishment of Huanong Wen’s Science and Technology Innovation Center. Liu Yahong pointed out that the cooperation between the two parties to build a science and technology innovation center is a new starting point for Wen to enter South China Agricultural University. It will further enhance the connotation of the school-enterprise cooperation model between South China Agricultural University and Wen’s Co., Ltd., and build South China Agricultural University and Wen’s Co., Ltd. Upgraded version of industry-university-research cooperation”. The Science and Technology Innovation Center will closely focus on the national development strategy, aim at the frontiers of science and technology, combine the needs of social and industrial development, and plan and carry out various cooperation based on the advantages and characteristics of both parties.

   Zhixiong Liang reviewed the 30-year history of industry-university-research cooperation between Wen and South China Agricultural University. Liang Zhixiong pointed out that the former chairman Mr. Wen Beiying had a long-term vision and regarded talents as treasures. Through the division of equity, the construction of expert buildings, the introduction of the professional technology of South China Agricultural University, the two sides cooperated closely. The cooperation has promoted the improvement of Wen’s livestock and poultry breeding technology, cultivated and delivered a large number of talents for Wen’s, and at the same time harvested a number of major project results, which greatly improved the company’s competitive advantage.

   Looking forward to the future, Liang Zhixiong is confident that the two sides will create a new height of school-enterprise cooperation. Liang Zhixiong emphasized that South China Agricultural University and Wen’s joint construction of a science and technology innovation center must play the role of the”three achievements”. One is to achieve talents. It is necessary to use the science and innovation center platform to highlight the strategic positioning of talents leading innovation and development. The second is achievement technology. Carry out forward-looking technical research in response to technical problems in the development of enterprises, and at the same time explore and expand new technologies and new areas of cooperative research and development and technology promotion. The third is to achieve agriculture. The two parties will give full play to their advantages, bravely assume their mission and responsibilities, and jointly build a modern agricultural industry-university-research technology innovation and incubation transformation platform with Guangdong characteristics, nationally leading, and world-class, to further promote the overall upgrade of the agricultural industry and realize agricultural modernization.

During the period of   , Wang Binwei also represented South China Agricultural University and awarded Chairman Wen Zhifen the letter of appointment for part-time professor and graduate tutor of South China Agricultural University.

  Wen’s Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Directors Mei Jinfang (front right) and South China Agricultural University School of Animal Science Changjiang Qingyan (front left) signed a contract on behalf of both parties

  Finally, Wen’s shares signed the sixth phase of technical cooperation agreement with the School of Animal Science of South China Agricultural University. All the participants in the ceremony visited the Science and Technology Innovation Center. Afterwards, some of them held a seminar on livestock and poultry breeding in the large conference room on the first floor of the Science and Technology Center and visited the National Pig Breeding Engineering Technology Research Center.