Weinan City Market Supervision Administration launches supervision and inspection of food safety on campus and surrounding areas in the spring of 2021
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   Recently, various schools in the city have opened one after another. In order to further strengthen school food safety supervision and eliminate hidden dangers of school food safety, the Weinan City Market Supervision Bureau made careful arrangements and swift actions to carry out a special rectification action for food safety on campus and surrounding areas in the city.
   This special action focuses on strengthening the food safety supervision of school canteens and surrounding campuses during the spring semester, increasing the food safety supervision of school collective meals and off-campus catering institutions, and supervising and guiding the campus and surrounding food producers and operators to fully implement The main responsibility for food safety, enhance food safety awareness, reduce hidden food safety risks, and effectively protect the food safety of teachers and students.
   At the same time, the Weinan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau organized 5 inspection teams, led by department-level leaders to conduct a comprehensive inspection and acceptance of the development of special rectification actions in various counties and cities. The inspection teams went deep into campuses, catering units, off-campus catering institutions, etc., and focused on inspections of business licenses, food safety management systems, the implementation of”Sunshine Canteen + Smart Supervision”, health management and education and training of employees, the procurement of food ingredients, Storage, processing, cleaning and disinfection of catering utensils, food additive management, food sampling, emergency response plan for food safety emergencies, and normalized epidemic prevention and control work, etc., put forward guiding opinions and suggestions, and provided guidance on problems found during inspections And the hidden dangers are ordered to rectify in a timely manner, and the county and city bureaus are required to investigate and deal with illegal production and operation activities in accordance with the law.
   In the next step, the Weinan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will continue to increase its supervision and rectification, and cooperate with the education department to conduct open and unannounced visits from time to time, and urge schools of all levels and types to implement the main responsibility for food safety, improve the food safety management system, and prevent death , Resolutely eliminate food safety hazards and ensure the safety of teachers and students on the tip of their tongues.