Voices of the Two Sessions|Starting from a hot search on”Legislation prohibits minors from drinking”
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   During the two sessions in 2021, the construction of the rule of law in society will continue to be a hot topic, and topics related to rational drinking have also been hot. In addition to drunk driving, “legislation prohibits minors from drinking” Once topped the list of hot topics.

  Qiu Guanghe:Legislation prohibits minors from drinking alcohol and cracks down on the sale of alcohol to minors

   NPC representative and Chairman of Semir Group Co., Ltd. Qiu Guanghe, who attended the Fourth Session of the 13th National People’s Congress It is illegal for people to drink alcohol” and severely crack down on selling alcohol to minors.

   He said that underage drinking and alcohol abuse are social issues of concern in any country. For example, Japanese law stipulates that people under the age of 20 are not allowed to drink, the United States Raising the minimum age for drinking to 21 years old, and business operators selling alcohol to customers under 21 years old can be jailed for up to one year.

  ”Currently, there are no provisions in domestic law that specifically prohibit the drinking of minors under the age of 18. Regarding the prohibition of selling alcohol to minors, the”Minors Protection Law”The Measures for the Administration of Alcohol Circulation” have provisions, but they are relatively vague.” Qiu Guanghe stated that, as stipulated in Article 67 of the”Law on the Protection of Minors,” Those who sell tobacco and alcohol signs to minors shall be ordered by the competent department to make corrections and be given administrative penalties in accordance with the law.” However, there are no specific rules on the amount of penalties. In reality, it is rarely seen or heard from businesses selling alcohol to minors And the case of being punished.

   He suggested the introduction of a special alcohol prohibition law for minors, which clearly stipulates that it is illegal to drink alcohol under the age of 18, and no one shall provide minors with an alcohol concentration greater than 5%alcoholic beverages. Increase the penalties for selling alcoholic beverages to minors, and the measures should be more specific,”If the circumstances are serious, they may be sentenced to administrative detention, control, criminal detention or fixed-term imprisonment of less than one year.”

  In fact, Representative Qiu Guanghe is not the first NPC representative to propose legislation prohibiting minors from The proposal to increase the prevention of underage drinking in the”Personal Protection Law” was formally put forward by Ding Xiaobing, a representative of the People’s Congress of the Wine Industry, and was seconded by 30 deputies to the National People’s Congress. The bill pointed out the status quo of my country’s minor drinking and intervention laws and policies. It also compared the foreign minor drinking behavior intervention laws, policies and implementation status, and put forward policy recommendations to strengthen the prevention of minor drinking, with a view to revising and intervening in my country in the future. Formulate relevant policies for minor drinking behavior intervention to provide useful references and suggestions.

   In order to prevent minors from drinking, the bill provides recommendations from four aspects.

   First of all, it is recommended to set a clear minimum legal drinking age. The minimum legal drinking age needs to be practicable in combination with national conditions, domestic drinking culture, and society’s concepts and views on drinking; through the use of media such as television and the Internet in communities, schools and other places, extensive publicity and education of the legal drinking age are promoted. The public’s awareness of the legal age and penalties for violating laws and regulations; strictly enforce the minimum legal drinking age in alcohol retail and consumption places, and require proof of age when selling alcohol. In addition, law enforcement agencies need to conduct regular supervision and inspections to ensure the effective implementation of the minimum legal drinking age law.

   Second, it is recommended to establish clear marketing and advertising standards. In our country, the Advertising Law stipulates that”the mass media for minors shall not publish advertisements for…alcohol…etc.”, but there are no detailed and clear regulations for alcohol marketing and advertising. The World Health Organization’s”Global Strategy to Reduce Harmful Use of Alcohol” pointed out that the temptation to promote sales of children and young people is a particular concern. Consideration should be given to taking preventive measures to prevent young people from being affected by this type of marketing tactics. The Wine and Social Responsibility Promotion Working Committee of the China Liquor Industry Association formulated the Code of Conduct for Liquor Marketing in 2017-the”Guidelines for the Responsible Propaganda of Chinese Liquor Enterprises”, advocating self-discipline in corporate marketing and taking action on content involving minors. Strict regulations, such as”commercial propaganda should not target minors as the main target audience, nor should there be scenes where minors drink alcohol” and so on.

   Third, it is recommended to improve the effectiveness and visibility of policy implementation. In view of the fact that laws and regulations restricting the drinking of minors are still difficult to implement in practice, a comprehensive discussion of alcohol policies and effective implementation of preventing minors from drinking are necessary. Ensuring the implementation of this law requires regular supervision by law enforcement agencies, which will cost a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources, which is also an important reason for the lack of enforcement. In addition to law enforcement agencies, communities, parents, and teachers should all play a role in publicity and education on the implementation of the law. Although it is the government’s responsibility to set a minimum legal drinking age, the implementation of the law requires the mobilization and support of the whole society. Through transparent and continuous law enforcement, increase the coverage of the policy and increase the compliance of the law, the implementation of the law will be improved.

  Fourth, it is recommended that the government actively support social and industry organizations to carry out intervention projects and public welfare activities to prevent minors from drinking. Effectively preventing underage drinking behavior is a long-term and arduous task. In addition to government departments and law enforcement agencies, it is necessary to mobilize the power of the whole society. Related social and industry organizations are indispensable forces. Their participation can not only effectively improve The breadth of policy coverage can further enhance the depth and pertinence of activities. Take the alcohol industry as an example. In July 2015, the China Alcoholic Drinks Association established the Alcohol and Social Responsibility Promotion Working Committee, and carried out the”National Responsible Drinking Publicity Week” on the third Friday of October each year. It promoted the rejection of drunk driving and the prevention of underage drinking and other issues. In 2016 and 2019, two publicity weeks with the theme of”Caring for Growth, Do Not Drink for Adults” were held. Among them, the 2019 Propaganda Week lasted 8 days and affected more than 100 million people; there are 9 venues across the country, 504 cities above the county level, and 10,079 liquor stores to carry out activities; 31 large-scale liquor companies and 25 places Tens of thousands of employees and volunteers from the association and 65 liquor distributors participated; in conjunction with the China Association for Standardization and China Health Management Association, released the first industry management group standard T/CBJ1301-2019″Guidelines for Social Responsibility of Chinese Liquor Enterprises” ; Released the 2019″Green Paper on the Prevention of Underage Drinking in China”, which was highly affirmed by relevant departments and highly praised by social media; the theme micro-film”I Know I Know” on the prevention of underage drinking was starred by Yi’an Music Society He also sang the theme song, which has been played online and offline for a total of 72.895 million times, which aroused a huge social response.

   In short, the prevention of minor drinking and the protection of minors are a system that includes many laws and regulations, which affect the whole body. Piecemeal and separate amendments to the law can easily cause a logical break in the current law. Unified advancement and top-level design are more helpful to those who transcend departmental interests. At the same time, the active participation of all parties in society, especially social and industry organizations, can also more effectively promote the development of the prevention of underage drinking and the implementation of laws and regulations, so as to better realize the effective intervention and the entirety of underage drinking behavior. Maximize social welfare.