Vietnamese restaurants are favored by the Russian people
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   (People’s Daily) In the remote Volga-Ural region of Russia, Vietnamese foreigners and Russians who love Vietnamese cuisine can still eat hot Vietnamese rice noodles or taste cool Saigon beer or strong-flavored Vietnamese drip coffee.

   This restaurant is located in the luxurious eating area of ​​Izhevsk, the”arms capital” of the Volga-Ural region. Most of the diners here come for Vietnamese cuisine. Although the dishes served here are all made by Russians, the taste is more authentic. The most popular ones are beef noodles and chicken spring rolls.
  Uncle Hub Restaurant Manager Roza Petrosian said:“We always strive to maintain the original taste of these dishes. Many diners have gone to Thailand and Vietnam. They said they finally found the most authentic taste here.”
  This restaurant is one of the authorized restaurants of the ‘Uncle Hub’ chain. It is understood that the chain currently has 13 other restaurants in St. Petersburg and plans to open one in Tyumen.
   With the unique taste of Vietnamese cuisine, Vietnamese dishes and Vietnamese-style restaurants have also received increasing attention from the Russian people. The Vietnamese names of these restaurants are increasingly engraved in the hearts of the Russian people. (End)