Vegetable land prices continue to decline in mid-to-late February
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   Vegetable Production Information Special Issue Issue 18 (Total Issue 28)

   According to the monitoring and early warning network of vegetable land price monitoring, starting from late January, the vegetable land price has slowly and continuously declined from a high level, and the rate of decline has accelerated after the Spring Festival. In February 2021, the average land price of 37 products of 30 types of vegetables was 3.76 yuan/kg, a year-on-year decrease of 0.27%and a month-on-month decrease of 15.12%.
Vegetable land prices continue to decline in mid-to-late Februaryimage
  February 2021 Price trend chart
Vegetable land prices continue to decline in mid-to-late Februaryimage(1)< br/>
  The trend chart of the land price in the dominant regions of the country’s vegetables in February 2021

  In terms of regions, the average monthly price of Huanghuaihai and Bohai Rim facilities vegetable areas is advantageous, with an average monthly price of 4.13 yuan/kg, down 5.28%month-on-month; winter and spring vegetable areas in the Yangtze River Basin , The monthly average price was 3.15 yuan/kg, down 15.78%month-on-month. The average monthly price of winter and spring vegetables in southern China and the hot southwestern regions was 3.98 yuan/kg, a decrease of 29.68%from the previous month. Among them, the monthly average price of Yunnan Province was 2.02 yuan/kg, a decrease of 50.25%from the previous month. The monthly average prices of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, Loess Plateau and northern summer and autumn vegetable areas were 1.73 yuan/kg, 3.92 yuan/kg and 3.52 yuan/kg, respectively, a decrease of 43.46%, 11.31%and an increase of 12.78%from the previous month.

   From the perspective of main varieties, among the 37 vegetable products monitored, 26 products fell month-on-month and 11 products rose month-on-month. Among them, 16 products including bitter gourd, tight cauliflower, pine cauliflower, leeks, broccoli, round eggplant, peppers, lettuce, zucchini, spinach, loofah, common cabbage, long eggplant, lettuce, Chinese celery, and Chinese cabbage dropped by more than 10%from the previous month. ; 7 products including white garlic, leaf mustard, kidney beans, cowpea, wax gourd, cucumber, and fruit cucumber rose more than 10%month-on-month. The average price of peppers, green onions, winter melons and other varieties with higher prices before dropped by 55.56%, 19.51%, and 32.64%respectively from the highest point in the last week of February.

   After entering mid-February, as the temperature in various places rises, the growth of vegetables has accelerated, and the supply of vegetables has increased significantly. In addition, after the Spring Festival holiday, the demand for vegetables has dropped, and land prices have begun. Decline, February 14-25, a decrease of 25.68%. At the end of the month, affected by the rain, snow and temperature, land prices slowed down and rebounded slightly.

  According to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, the temperature in most parts of the country will continue to be warm in March, which is generally conducive to the growth of vegetables. There may be low temperature frost and cold spring in some areas, so early Implement technical measures for disaster prevention and mitigation. According to the monitoring of 1,800 vegetable production information monitoring points, the vegetable planting area increased by 0.6%year-on-year from January to February. It is expected that the total vegetable supply will be sufficient in March, and the land price will remain stable.

   (contributed by the Economic Crops Division)