UPL’s bactericidal and insecticidal product Tepera Plus HD (fluoxastrobin + bifenthrin) was launched in Meridian
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Agri-Chem.net Chinese website:Recently, UPL announced its fungicide TEPERA® PLUS HD has been registered and approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The bactericide and insecticide can be mixed with liquid fertilizers to provide growers with excellent protection against seedling diseases and pest threats.

   TEPERA PLUS HD is an upgraded product of TEPERA PLUS. It combines the active ingredients of fluoxastrobin and bifenthrin. The former is a systemic and residual fungicide for effectively preventing and controlling seedlings and soil-borne diseases. The latter can kill root worms, golden needle worms, and other pests before they damage the roots of seeds and seedlings.
   The amount of this highly concentrated formulation is only 5.4 ounces per acre. Compared with the previous TEPERA PLUS, the product contains higher bifenthrin to meet the current needs and usage of growers.
  Field test results show that TEPERA PLUS HD performs well in soybean and corn fields. In soybeans, TEPERA PLUS HD improves plant health after furrow application and increases the average soybean yield by 1.8 bushels per hectare compared to untreated seeds. In corn, TEPERA PLUS HD can increase the average yield of corn by 7.9 bushels per hectare compared to untreated seeds. TEPERA PLUS HD can be used in a variety of crops, including corn, soybeans, rapeseed, leafy vegetables, potatoes, tuber vegetables, etc.
  TEPERA PLUS HD is a patented formulation technology, with excellent liquid fertilizer compatibility, no interaction between herbicides and pesticides, easy to use. The grower does not need additional equipment, just add the product directly to the liquid fertilizer or furrow water when planting.
   When the product is applied in furrows, it can enhance early plant vitality and even promote germination. In many cases, growers can continue to use foliar fungicides during the growing season to maximize yield.