Ukraine issues a draft order for the list of imported foods that should be marked with the country of origin
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   On February 23, 2021, the Ministry of Economic, Trade and Agricultural Development of Ukraine issued a draft order on the”Approval of the List of Imported Foods That Should Be Marked on the Country (Region) of Origin and Their Special Marking Requirements”.

   According to the draft order, eight categories of imported food including fresh, refrigerated or frozen beef, pork, mutton (mountain) mutton, poultry and edible meat by-products of the above-mentioned animals, honey, olive oil, etc. should be on the label or package Label the country of origin or place of origin information; the draft also stipulates the labeling requirements under special circumstances for the above-mentioned foods, such as the labeling requirements for the country (place) of the products when the meat food source animals were born, fattened, and slaughtered in different countries, and Olive oil is the labeling regulations when raw materials from different countries are mixed and produced.
  The draft will take effect on the date of publication, and the transition period is three years.