Typical Cases of Special Law Enforcement for Imported Cold Chain Food in Dandong Market Supervision System
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   Since the beginning of this year, the city’s market supervision system has, in accordance with the overall deployment of the city’s epidemic prevention and control, comprehensively strengthened the control of non-first station designated cold storage and the law enforcement inspection of imported cold chain food. A total of 161 imported cold chain food production and operation enterprises were inspected and imported cold There are more than 80 kinds of chain foods. Fifteen households with 237 tons of imported cold-chain food that could not provide the”three certificates” on site were seized, and 27 enterprises that failed to provide recent nucleic acid test certificates were ordered to correct. The typical cases are reported as follows:
  Case 1
   On January 2, 2020, during a cold chain food inspection at a wholesale market in Fengcheng, law enforcement officers found 10 pieces of Arctic shrimp imported from Denmark. The”three certificates” provided were inconsistent with the actual situation. The batch of products will be seized and filed for investigation. It was found that the 10 boxes of Arctic shrimp purchased by the parties were worth 2,100 yuan, and the true product declaration form, inspection and quarantine certificate and other imported cold-chain food-related materials could not be provided. After the nucleic acid test, the batch of products was negative and there was no illegal sale. Income. In accordance with the”Liaoning Province’s Order of the General Headquarters for Coordinating the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic and Economic and Social Development” (Order No. 16) and the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the parties were confiscated 10 boxes of Arctic shrimp and a fine of 10,000 Yuan’s penalty decision.
  Case 2:
   On December 30, 2020, law enforcement officers conducted an on-site inspection of a catering service company as planned, and found a bag of frozen meat with foreign characters in the back kitchen freezer. After investigation, the frozen meat was imported from Brazil. It purchased 8 jin from the seafood market in Tiexi District, Shenyang City 3 months ago. It has sold 6 jin, inventory 2 jin, and sales revenue of 504 yuan. The parties involved were unable to provide the customs declaration form, inspection and quarantine certificate and other relevant materials for the batch of imported bovine bone marrow, and the batch of bovine bone marrow was later tested as negative. The above-mentioned actions of the parties violated the provisions of Article 34 and Article 92 of the Food Safety Law. The Market Supervision Bureau confiscates 2 catties of beef bone marrow, confiscates illegal income of 504 yuan and fines 10,000 yuan on the parties in accordance with the law.
  Case 3
   On January 19, 2021, when inspecting a western restaurant in the Revitalization District, law enforcement officers found that the two imported foods operated by the parties had no information such as the expiration date and production date. After filing the case, it was found that the 7 pieces of frozen beef fore tendon involved were purchased from Shenyang Yi Food Trading Co., Ltd. on January 13, 2021. The place of origin is Argentina and there is no expiration date. There are import goods declaration forms, disinfection certificates, and nucleic acids. Inspection report and inspection and quarantine certificate, but there is no receipt of the first cold storage in Liaoning Province, the value of the goods is 1,260 yuan. Another type of food is 2 boxes of potato wedges, purchased from Beijing in October 2020, without Chinese information such as production date, expiration date, and manufacturer. 7 bags are used, and 5 bags are left. The profit is 432 yuan. According to the provisions of Article 125 of the Food Safety Law, the parties concerned were confiscated according to the law with 7 pieces of imported beef and 5 bags of potato wedges, their illegal gains were confiscated 432 yuan, and a fine of 10,000 yuan.
  Case 4
   On December 31, 2020, law enforcement officers received a report from the masses that a deli in a market in Qingchengzi, Fengcheng, purchased pig feet without any formalities. The inspection found that the parties involved purchased 13 boxes of American trotters from the Shenyang market in November 2020, each box of 10 kilograms. As of the case, they had sold 80 kilograms at a price of 54 yuan per kilogram, with a sales amount of 4,320 yuan and a total value of 7,020. yuan. The parties concerned were unable to provide the customs declaration form, inspection and quarantine certificate, disinfection certificate and nucleic acid test certificate for the batch of trotters. The law enforcement officers have opened a case for investigation and are currently being processed.
   City Market Supervision Administration reminds the majority of imported cold-chain food and imported non-cold-chain container goods production and business units to strengthen the control of imported cold-chain food and imported goods, and to prevent and control imported cold-chain food and imported goods during disease prevention and control violations In case of control policies and measures, the market supervision and law enforcement agencies will investigate and deal with them in accordance with the law.