Tongling City Market Supervision Bureau takes strong and effective measures to ensure special food safety
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   Since 2020, the Tongling City Market Supervision Bureau has emphasized publicity, strong guidance, strict supervision, and unobstructed appeals, working together with all parties in the society to escort special food safety.

  Safety management, prevention first. As early as the beginning of last year, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau carried out supervision and inspection of special food quality and safety during the”Two Festivals” period. In view of the consumption characteristics of health food, infant formula milk powder and special medical food, strengthen law enforcement. At the same time, fully implement the”double random, one open” spot check and inspection system, and fully deploy the 2020-2021 health food industry special clean-up and rectification actions, and cooperate with the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Cultural Tourism Bureau, and the Municipal Health Bureau. Six departments including the National Health Commission issued implementation plans to clarify the goals and tasks of rectification.

   delineate the key points and prescribe the right medicine. The first is to carry out the promotion of the operation of special counters in the special food zone. In accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Bureau’s”Notice on Carrying Out the Operation Improvement Action for Special Food Special Zone Counters”,”Four Haves and Four Nos” (that is, there is a license, a license, a ledger and a special area (counter), no counterfeiting, no expiration, no deterioration, no fault complaint) As a basis, focus on solving the operation problems of special food areas (special counters), and promote the operation and standardized management of special food operators in the city to ensure the safety of consumption by the general public. In 2020, a total of 32 special food business demonstration stores with leading and exemplary functions will be created. The second is to intensively carry out special clean-up and rectification actions in the health food industry. It focused on checking whether health food operators have obtained food business licenses in accordance with the law, and whether they have implemented the purchase inspection system. Investigate and punish the sale of health products using free travel as a gimmick, and severely crack down on activities involving illegal sales of health food during travel. Up to now, the city has dispatched 2,872 law enforcement officers to inspect 1,506 health food business households. At the same time, the random inspection and monitoring of indicators such as illegal additives and functional ingredients were strengthened, and a total of 34 batches of health food were randomly inspected.

   Strengthen publicity and fulfill responsibilities. The market supervision department has carried out special food safety promotion activities such as entering commercial supermarkets, schools, communities, and villages. On the one hand, it publicizes the”Food Safety Law Implementation Regulations” and other laws and regulations to special food operators and the need to set up special food counters for sales It urges operators to fulfill the main responsibility of food safety; on the other hand, more than 3,000 knowledge manuals on the purchase of health food and infant formula milk powder were distributed on the spot.