Tianshui City Market Supervision Bureau launches post-license inspection of food-related products
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   In order to further strengthen the supervision during and after the event and improve the quality and safety of food-related products, Tianshui City Market Supervision Bureau was commissioned by the provincial bureau to conduct post-licensing supervision and inspection on two food-related product production licenses.
  In accordance with the”Regulations on the Administration of Industrial Product Production Licenses” and its implementation measures, the”General Rules for the Implementation of Industrial Product Licenses” and”Food-related Product Production Licenses Implementation Rules” and other relevant laws and regulations, the inspection team has gone deep into Tianshui Xinchenyu Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., Tianshui Taierlan Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., in contrast to the”Routine Checklist for Food-Related Products Licensed Enterprises”, focusing on relevant certification materials, production environment and sites, production and inspection equipment, and personnel capabilities , Quality management system, process control and product identification, etc., focusing on whether the content of the company’s license is consistent with the actual situation, whether the production workshop is reasonably laid out in accordance with the process, whether the production equipment and inspection equipment are complete and operating normally, and the quality management system 21 items were inspected, including whether they were sound, whether the operators had a physical examination certificate, and whether the records were complete.
   In response to the irregularities and imperfections of the food-related product expertise and quality management system documents found during the inspection, the inspection team conducted on-site guidance, and ordered the company to set a deadline for issues such as non-standard production workshop channels and irregular inspection records Rectification. In addition, the inspection team also promulgated and implemented the”Food Safety Law” and other relevant laws and regulations to the person in charge of the company and the inspectors, requesting increased quality awareness, further implementation of the main responsibility for safety, and effective product quality control.
  Next, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will continue to increase the supervision and inspection of food-related products certified companies to ensure product quality and safety.