Tianjin Customs”Combined Boxing” Helps Xinjiang Hetian Walnut Export
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   Xinjiang Hetian walnut

   Hotan area is located at the southernmost tip of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Its Cele County, Yutian County, and Minfeng County are Tianjin’s counterparts to Xinjiang. The thin-skinned walnuts produced in Hotan area It is one of the main famous and excellent forest and fruit tree species in Xinjiang.

  Hetian thin-skinned walnuts are big, thin, delicious, low in water content, crispy and sweet, with an oblong shape, full and plump kernels, and the color of the kernels. It is milky yellow or yellowish brown, with high oil content and rich nutrition.

   Xinjiang walnuts were exported from Tianjin for the first time

   In 2021, Xinjiang Luye Native Produce Company exported walnuts and walnut kernels from Tianjin Xingang Customs to Turkey by sea for the first time. A total of 707 tons of export commodities were processed, with a value of 14.7 million yuan. .

   Xinjiang Luye Native Produce Company General Manager Murati Nijati introduced:“Hetian thin-skinned walnuts have entered the markets of neighboring European countries from Turkey. During the epidemic, Xinjiang’s agricultural products With less logistics costs, there will be more competitive advantages in competing in overseas markets.”

  Background knowledge:Turkey connects Eurasia and is the gateway of the ancient Silk Road to Europe. The ancient Silk Road closely connected Turkey and China. Porcelain, tea, and shadow puppetry traveled from China through the vast desert to the sparkling Golden Horn in Istanbul.

  Today Turkey is an important member of the “One Belt One Road”. As a natural bridge on the east-west and north-south axis, Turkey has formed an efficient and fast access to major markets Export.

  Mulati Nijiati introduced:”In the past, we had to issue an electronic ledger in Xinjiang, where the goods were produced. When the goods are transported to Tianjin, the 14-day validity period is often passed. Now contact the local customs through Tianjin Xingang Customs and issue the electronic account directly at the port!”

  Helping farmers out of poverty, the customs is in action

   Since 2020, Tianjin Xingang Customs has helped the Hotan area decisively fight poverty alleviation, provide convenience for enterprises to”go out to sea”, proactively provide multiple services, and use a series of”combined punches” ”, to help Xinjiang agricultural products enjoy the customs policy dividend, expand the market of countries along the “Belt and Road”, and go abroad more conveniently.

  1 Proactively provide port inspection services for agricultural products to achieve”zero waiting” in the quarantine process.

  2 Help companies coordinate warehouses in the port area and further reduce logistics costs for Xinjiang companies.

  3 Set up a”green channel” for customs clearance of Xinjiang agricultural products to reduce the time-consuming export customs clearance.