Three national standards including”Guidelines for Food and Beverage Supply Chain Management” are released
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   In order to improve the quality and efficiency of catering companies, ensure food safety, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and create a catering economy and standardization social atmosphere. Recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the”Guidelines for the Supply Chain Management of the Catering Industry” (GB/T 40040-2021), the”Specifications for Information Description of Takeaway Foods” (GB/T 40041-2021), and”Green Catering Operations and Management” (GB/T 40040-2021). T 40042-2021) Three recommended national standards.

   my country’s catering industry has maintained double-digit annual growth in the past few years. The catering market has reached 4 trillion yuan, but the catering industry has been facing a medium-scale dilemma. Food safety issues are frequent and other problems. Catering companies of different sizes and business types will lead to non-standardized stores due to the backward management of the supply chain such as traditional procurement, quality control, and logistics management methods, resulting in increased costs and catering waste. With the rapid development of the Internet, people’s dining styles have become diversified, and takeaway has become a daily choice for many people. Many users have difficulty choosing because of the different descriptions of various businesses when ordering meals on the website. Consumers should have the right to know whether the pictures of exquisite dishes on the takeaway platform are worthy of the name.

The three standards of    coordinate catering companies and upstream and downstream related companies, taking into account physical restaurants and e-commerce platform catering takeaway business. Among them, the”Guidelines for Supply Chain Management in the Catering Industry” provide guidance for catering companies to implement supply chain management in terms of procurement, processing, logistics, and sales. The formulation and implementation of standards will effectively support the coordination of supply chain resources for catering companies, reduce links, and improve Efficiency and enhanced benefits will effectively promote the intensive and efficient development of the supply chain of catering companies. The”Specifications for Information Description of Takeaway Meals” stipulates the description requirements for the name, category, main ingredients, taste, portion size, production method and other information content of takeaway meals, which is convenient for consumers to order meals reasonably, understand consumption, avoid waste, and reduce takeaways. Misunderstandings between service platforms, takeaway merchants, takeaway distributors and consumers promote the healthy development of the industry.”Green Catering Operation and Management” focuses on the four aspects of”saving, environmental protection, peace of mind, and health”, and puts forward the requirements for the operation and management and continuous improvement of catering companies and green catering blocks, and promotes the high-quality development of catering companies. The three national standards will be implemented on June 1 this year, and the standard texts can be browsed on the website of the National Standardization Management Committee.

   In the next step, the State Administration for Market Regulation will also organize relevant units to develop and release a number of national standards, establish and improve an economical catering standard system, and support catering companies and upstream and downstream industries. Relevant units have carried out standardization trials to give full play to their exemplary and leading role and promote the green and healthy development of the catering industry.