Thoughts on the Road of Scientific Research of Chinese Liquor Industry
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   Wine is a major artistic work cultivated in ancient times, one of the largest chemical industries in ancient times, and the embodiment of ancient science and technology. In-depth study of this traditional brewing technology, we can know the scientific research capabilities, limits and characteristics of the time. In recent years, under the leadership of the China Liquor Industry Association, with the concerted efforts of many scientific research institutes and liquor companies, the”China Liquor 169 Plan”, the”China Liquor 158 Plan”, the”China Liquor 3C Plan”, and the liquor technology With a series of initiatives based on inheritance and innovation, including the Innovation Strategy Development Committee, we have achieved many scientific and technological achievements in liquor technology, laying a solid theoretical and practical foundation for the high-quality development of the liquor industry.

   can only open up through the past, and the Chinese wine industry must promote practical innovation with theoretical improvement. This article considers and analyzes the scientific research road of China’s liquor industry, and proposes four directions of great health, great ecology, great wisdom and great culture.

  1. Big health research.

   The beautiful drinking scene in”The Book of Songs·Sanghu” is described as:”. It can be seen that fine wine is indispensable in a happy life since ancient times. However, as people’s attention to physical and mental health is gradually increasing, how to scientifically and systematically evaluate the impact of liquor on people’s health has been hotly debated.

  In recent years, our research has mainly focused on studies on the effects of drinking on the physiology of the liver and intestines, metabolic flow, and in vivo microbiome based on zoology experiments. There has been a lack of routine research on the human body. Pathological research. In view of the fact that liquor is a flavor hobby that blends substance and spirit, drinking is more important for regulating the mental state of the human body, so how to evaluate the reverse regulation of proper drinking on the mental level is the core of”proper drinking is good for health”. On the other hand, alcohol has been with our lives since history. Drinking is a long-term process. In view of the advent of the information age, it will be possible to explore the effects of a wide range of long-term drinking behaviors on physical health in time and space. In recent years,”The Lancet” has successively published several articles on the relationship between drinking and health in the world. The number of volunteers involved has reached more than 500,000, and the research period has exceeded 20 years. Through long-term tracking and analysis of drinking groups in Europe, America and other regions, Drinking behavior and physical health, exploring the risk threshold of alcohol consumption, and the improvement of life span and quality of life by drinking moderately.

   China is a major alcohol consumption country. The physical fitness and drinking behavior of Chinese people are different from other countries in the world. In the current economic and social changes, how to judge the Chinese drinking group The health status requires the industry to stand at a historical height, learn from modern communication technology, and systematically carry out scientific research on drinking health in order to support the great health concept of Chinese fine wines. On the other hand, Lujiu is a kind of product with a long history and cultural tradition. It contains the predecessor’s innovative concept of the integration of wine and medicine based on the concept of health preservation. It has a deep cultural accumulation and scientific foundation. In the new historical period, Under the concept of great health, the industry needs to further strengthen the technological innovation, quality and value expression, market leadership and brand building of liquor.

  2. Large-scale ecological research

   One party cultivates a party of people and makes a party wine. Since ancient times, people have discovered that the natural environment of one side dominates the local humanities and wine characteristics. Research on the scientific mechanism of the influence of the natural ecology of the producing area on the wine style has only just started in recent years. The China Liquor Industry Association put forward the dual-oriented concept of visible natural ecology and invisible brewing micro-ecological research, which pointed out the direction for the ecological research of Chinese liquor. The current research has started from the natural environmental parameters of the production area, the physical and chemical properties of water and soil, and Microorganisms, and the evolution of the microbiome of the brewing system. Internationally, we have studied the direct influence mechanism of local natural climate on regional vegetation, and the scientific mechanism that affects the structure of environmental bacteria and fungi; we need to deepen our research into the influence mechanism on the micro-ecology of wine making, and then affect the flavor substance system of liquor Scientific mechanism.

  The liquor industry is the local pillar industry in many producing areas, directly affecting the local people’s livelihood, employment, and all aspects of social life. Therefore, the healthy and sustainable development of the wine industry also needs to pay more attention to the industrial ecology, which is directly related to the country’s industrial policies, government industrial plans, market consumption trends, and enterprise production plans. Therefore, the development of the liquor industry needs to take into account the two ecology of the industry and the production area, based on the sustainable development of the industry, and based on the stable product quality and style of the production area, and the two complement each other in order to realize the high-quality development of Chinese liquor.

  3. Research on Great Wisdom

   In the past ten years, the liquor industry has made great progress in the mechanization of the liquor industry by introducing the successful experience of other traditional food industries in mechanization. At present, the packaging, logistics, The processes of picking up mash, material conveying, mixing, filling, and distilling wine have all been mechanized and informatized. In companies with a relatively advanced level of mechanization, the Qingxiang type has achieved the full-line non-stick production of materials, and only the pit fermentation and Daqu production of the Luzhou-flavor type and the sauce-flavored type are traditional operations that are grounded. The rest of the process is fully mechanized for stainless steel equipment. . On the other hand, after the industry has gradually realized the limitation of the storage of large stainless steel tanks to the improvement of wine quality, it is starting the construction of large pottery altar warehouses in order to further improve product quality through pottery altar storage.

   wine is a product of the times and a mirror that reflects the society at that time; the changes in wine quality are in line with the development of the times and history. In the 1980s, the Japanese alcohol industry also encountered this kind of confusion. After the start of the mechanization of Japanese sake production, in view of the homogenization of wine quality in the background of factory mechanization and large-scale production,”Although the bottle is still attached A variety of different labels, but the composition of the wine in it has gradually become similar products.” Therefore, although the industry is increasing the storage of pottery jars, giving the taste of high-end wine time, but the original wine is filled with homogenization, how can it represent the colorful and contemporary taste? Therefore, smart brewing is not a simple mechanization, but a scientific brewing based on a deep understanding of traditional brewing mechanisms. Chinese liquor is a complex system of multi-flavor substances and multi-bioactive substances. In-depth research is needed to form a brewing system with the above flavor characteristics. The microorganisms are complex. Diversity and the functional mechanism of metabolomics, as well as the interrelated mechanism of microbiology, flavor chemistry, and engineering at the multi-dimensional scale of the solid-state brewing system, only the brewing system built on this basis can realize smart brewing and truly embody brewing A bottle of ecological business card that can be tasted in contemporary ecology, humanities and technology.

  4. Large cultural studies< /div>

  The value system of Chinese liquor contains special material and spiritual values. Material value comes from the complex and unrepeatable ecological environment, water quality, local raw materials, and special brewing technology; spiritual value comes from material value, but is higher than material value, spiritual value is the continuation of material value, is the accumulation of history and humanity . The wine culture is subordinate to the food culture and is part of the larger culture. Therefore, studying the drinking habits of a country or a region has its roots in the local culture. To change this drinking form, you must change or lead this culture.

  In the internationalization of world alcohol, beer is one of the most successful internationalized wines. Tracing the root of its success is after World War II, based on technology, Europeans living in all parts of the world because of their cultural and economic advantages, they either buy locally or brew beer locally, creating a precedent for beer as the most popular alcohol in the world. The nationalization of liquor must either be integrated into the international culture or lead the international cultural trend. The former is an expedient measure, while the latter requires a strong appeal from our economy, society and culture. In the general trend of world culture, the inheritance and development of Chinese wine culture and the internationalization of Chinese liquor are long and long, and we need to seek from above and below. I believe that with the gradual realization of the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Chinese wine culture, as one of the representatives of Chinese culture, and white wine as an ecological business card of ecology, technology and humanities that can be tasted, will surely be able to enjoy the world.

  Source:”China Liquor Industry Association·Depth”