There is no one in the new store, but the door is surprised? It’s suspicious! 1.6 tons of suspicious imported frozen meat was seized!
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  The smuggling of frozen products affects not only the economy, but also the potential safety hazards caused by the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Imported cold chain food or internal and external packaging has appeared in many places before Cases where the nucleic acid test is positive.

   The Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration has always put the rectification of imported frozen products as a key task, has paid close attention to the supervision of frozen products, carried out a series of investigation actions, and resolutely put an end to smuggling Frozen products flow into the market.

   In this context, there are still some lawbreakers who illegally make profits, undermine the “iron rule” of epidemic prevention and control, and carry out illegal activities in smuggling frozen products, threatening epidemic prevention. Control work!

   Recently,Longgang Supervision Bureau of Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration found none 1.6 tons of frozen products imported from legal sources.

   On February 22, law enforcement officers of the Longgang Supervision Bureau found No. 119 and 120 of Building C during the investigation of the Xiyuanfeng Industrial Zone, Danzhutou Community, within its jurisdiction The iron gate of a newly opened store was opened, but there was no obvious sign of business. Law enforcement officers went inside for inspection and found that there were platform scales, meat cutters and other tools in the store.

  The law enforcement officer questioned the person in charge of the store. The person in charge was hesitating and acting suspiciously. The law enforcement officer immediately carried out a careful inspection of the store and found that there was a presence in the store. The second door. Law enforcement officers ordered the person in charge of the store to open it immediately. Behind the door is an inactive freezer with a lot of sundries. Law enforcement officers found the third door behind the pile of debris. After opening it, they seized a batch of suspected frozen beef imported from Japan without Chinese labels and no relevant”four certificates”.

  The law enforcement officers carried out an inventory overnight, and contacted the testing agency for sampling for nucleic acid testing, and the test results were all negative. After investigation, the batch of frozen beef weighed about 1.6 tons, and the items involved were estimated to be worth about 1.38 million yuan.

  Because the case has reached criminal standards, the people involved have been taken away by the public security department for investigation, and the case is under investigation.

   Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau reminds you, you must take personal protection and carefully purchase imported frozen meat products and aquatic products. Pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

   When buying frozen foods, try to avoid touching them with your hands.

  After buying seafood products and returning home, you can disinfect the surface of the outer packaging with 75%alcohol.

   When storing such products, it’s best to use individually closed packaging.

   When cutting, also pay attention to separate raw and cooked food, and eat the food after fully cooked.

  Next, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will work with public security departments to continue to fully implement the epidemic prevention and control of frozen food, and continue to strengthen the focus on key areas and places. , Supervision and inspection of key links, make every effort to protect the health and life safety of citizens.