The takeaway you ordered was ready a year and a half ago? The market supervision went to check…
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   For convenience, many office workers will order takeaways to solve three meals a day, and they are used to online shopping. Everyone has developed the habit of reading reviews and watching sales. Those with high sales will become popular online celebrities. But there was a few days ago. A piece of media report said to reveal the amazing inside story of the catering industry, which made fans unable to sit still.

   reported that an online infrared store without dine-in in Shenzhen replaced the freshly fried hot dishes with pre-processed”dish packages”, and these dishes The shelf life of the package is mostly 3-6 months, and some are as high as 18 months! Many netizens exclaimed,”Is there still this kind of operation?””Don’t dare to order takeaway anymore!””Cheap is not good”……

   Don’t scare yourself without knowing it, just check it out! In order to let everyone eat at ease, the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration immediately went to the store involved in the Hongwei community to conduct an on-site investigation.

  investigation situationyou The takeaway order was ready a year and a half ago? The truth is…

   After on-site inspection by law enforcement officers, there are 7 food business stores in Hongwei Community, and all stores have valid business licenses and food business licenses (including network business Project), all employees hold health certificates. The law enforcement officers focused on the inspection of the store involved in the Qiao Lao Ma Braised Pork Restaurant in Luohu District, Shenzhen. Upon investigation, the business model of the store was as follows:Combine the braised meat package delivered by the company with rice, meat, vegetables and other ingredients after heat processing. For take-out sales, there is no”take-out done one and a half years in advance”.

   law enforcement officers inspect the stewed meat dishes used by the parties on the spot. The shelf life ranges from 12 to 18 months. After verification, the dishes are all within the shelf life. Law enforcement officers have obtained the supplier’s business license, food business license and inspection certificate in accordance with the law. And conduct on-site law enforcement random inspections on the dishes used by the parties, and the specific circumstances will be further investigated and dealt with after the inspection results come out.

  Key pointsIs the quality of the dish package guaranteed? How to choose quick-frozen food?

  This kind of dish package actually belongs to the quick-frozen food produced in accordance with the”Catalogue of Food Production License Classification”. The product category number is 1101, including quick-frozen noodle food (with Flour, rice, miscellaneous grains and other grains as the main raw materials) and quick-frozen other foods (with agricultural products containing fruits and vegetables, livestock and poultry products, and aquatic products as the main raw materials). The quick-frozen dumplings and steamed buns that citizens often come into contact with in their daily lives are all quick-frozen foods.
The takeaway you ordered was ready a year and a half ago? The market supervision went to check…image
The takeaway you ordered was ready a year and a half ago? The market supervision went to check…image(1)< br/>

   Requirements for the production of quick-frozen food,”1101 Quick-frozen Food Production License Examination Rules (2006 Edition)”, from the basic production process and key control links, necessary Production resources, product-related standards, relevant requirements for raw and auxiliary materials, necessary factory inspection equipment, inspection items, and sampling methods have been comprehensively stipulated. Therefore, as long as the food packs and other ingredients produced by regular manufacturers are purchased and stored and processed in accordance with relevant requirements, the food safety is in compliance with relevant requirements.
The takeaway you ordered was ready a year and a half ago? The market supervision went to check…image(2)< br/>
The takeaway you ordered was ready a year and a half ago? The market supervision went to check…image(3)< br/>

   Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau reminds the general public that when buying such quick-frozen foods, they should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Pay attention to the manufacturer, address, production license number, execution label and other information marked on the outer packaging of the product, and choose quick-frozen products produced by regular manufacturers.

  2, choose to buy at a store with a low-temperature freezer.

  3. Choose products that are well packaged, have normal product appearance, and are clearly marked, and are within the warranty period.

  4. Every time you purchase quick-frozen food, you should eat it as soon as possible. If you don’t eat it for a short time, it should be frozen and stored in accordance with the requirements for frozen food preservation.

   At present, many restaurants in Shenzhen actively accept supervision, implement bright kitchens, strengthen product inspections, and ensure food hygiene and safety. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau also reminds you that you must pay attention to platform qualifications when choosing take-out ordering, choose a creditworthy merchant, and at the same time, if conditions permit, order meals as close as possible and eat high-oil, high-salt, and high-sugar foods as carefully as possible. Food, to achieve rational consumption. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will also continue to pay great attention to food safety, strengthen daily supervision, and ensure the safety of meals for citizens~