The Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau launched a special random inspection for the”Lantern Festival” and the results came out:100%qualified!
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   In order to effectively prevent food safety risks and ensure the safety of citizens’ consumption, the Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau recently organized a special random inspection of the”Lantern Festival”.

   This special sampling inspection combines the characteristics of festive consumption, focusing on quick-frozen food (including Lantern Festival), edible agricultural products, alcohol, roasted seeds and nuts, nut products, and health food. Varieties; focus on random inspections of 29 local roasted seeds and alcohol production enterprises, 9 online consumption platforms and 178 large supermarkets, convenience stores, fruit shops, farmer’s markets and other business units. A total of 5 categories of 401 batches of products have been sampled inspections ; Focus on quality indicators, pesticide and veterinary drug residues, food additives, heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbiological indicators and other items. The results found that all were qualified, and the overall qualification rate was 100%.

After the inspection results of    are released, the Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration will immediately announce the supervision and sampling information and issue consumer tips.