The supervision of food production quality and safety in rural and pastoral areas of the Alxa League Market Supervision Bureau has been carried out smoothly and achieved practical results
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   Starting from January 27, 2021, the Arab League Market Supervision Bureau will carry out a one-month special control work on food safety in rural and pastoral areas to comprehensively crack down on violations of laws and regulations in the food production process in rural and pastoral areas, and strengthen the awareness of the main responsibility of food business units , Supervise and urge all kinds of food operators to abide by the law to ensure the quality and safety of the food sold.
  The special rectification work started from six aspects. One is to standardize production behaviors in key varieties and key areas. It is found that facilities and equipment that are not compatible with the types and quantities of production are resolutely not permitted to produce, and the non-compliant production is shut down and banned. Conditional small workshop. The second is to strengthen daily inspections. Focus on the inspection of the implementation of the system of raw material purchase control, production process control, and factory inspection records in the small food production workshops, and urge the production enterprises to strictly organize production in accordance with the standards. The third is to increase supervision and spot checks. Those found that do not meet the food safety standards shall be investigated and dealt with according to law. Fourth, conduct thorough investigations of illegal activities such as counterfeit and inferior products, adulteration, “two supers and one fault”, the use of recycled food or expired raw materials, and microbial contaminated materials as food raw materials, to ensure that prominent problems are solved one by one, so that no inspections are made. Leaving blind spots, the problem will never be let go, and the rectification will be completely thorough. Fifth, we will severely crack down on counterfeit and inferior food such as”counterfeit food”, trademark infringing food, and”black workshop” self-brewed liquor, and purify the market operating environment. Sixth, relying on emerging media and comprehensive supervision and inspection, popularize food safety laws and regulations, increase public awareness and awareness of rights protection in accordance with the law, and strengthen the awareness of law-abiding by producers and operators.
   A total of 145 people were dispatched for this inspection, 6 enterprises were inspected, 65 food processing workshops were inspected, 19 hidden dangers were found, and 19 hidden dangers were rectified. One batch of unqualified bean sprouts was sampled; one batch of unqualified milk food was sampled; one small workshop for unlicensed moon cake production was investigated and dealt with.