The State Administration for Market Regulation deploys special supervision and inspection of national measurement standards
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  Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued the”National Metrological Standards Special Supervision and Inspection Program” (hereinafter referred to as the”Program”), deploying localities to carry out special supervision and inspection of metrological standards from March to October this year, and thoroughly implement the”delegation of control and service” The spirit of reform, further strengthen the supervision and management of measurement standards, improve the quality and effectiveness of the approval of measurement standards and instruments, and provide measurement support for promoting high-quality development and building a new development pattern.

   In accordance with the requirements of the”Plan”, the special supervision and inspection of the national measurement standards highlights four characteristics:

   insist on full coverage of self-examination elements. Comparing the relevant laws, regulations and rules of the standard to the meter, and putting forward self-inspection requirements for all key elements such as the continuous maintenance of the measurement standard measurement ability and the subsequent management process involved in the measurement standard device and supporting equipment, the main measurement characteristics of the measurement standard, environmental conditions and facilities.

   insist on on-site supervision of all areas. Focus on inspections of social public measurement standards, the highest measurement standards of departments, enterprises and institutions. The number of spot-checking establishments shall not be less than 20%of the total number of establishments that have obtained the measurement standard assessment certificate in the region. When spot-checking establishments, each professional In the field of measurement, at least one measurement standard shall be selected to ensure full coverage of the professional field of measurement and increase the supervision and inspection of measurement standards involving food safety, production safety, ecological environment, medical and health, etc.

   insist on a full chain of supervision. Focus on the problem orientation, formulate different supervision and inspection elements, clarify specific requirements, comprehensively implement policies, and link up and down to implement the different characteristics and actual needs of the measurement standard assessment work, the continuous maintenance of the measurement standard measurement ability and the follow-up management. From the”birth” to the”use” of the measurement standards, the whole life cycle supervision will be made, and the whole chain of measurement standards supervision shall be connected.

   Adhere to the uniformity of regulatory standards. The proportion of random inspections, selection of inspection objects, on-site supervision and inspection items, key points and inspection methods were clarified, and specific requirements were put forward for the use of inspection results and subsequent processing, and the supervision and inspection content to the supervision and inspection workflow were standardized and unified.

   The State Administration of Market Supervision emphasized that the local market supervision departments should implement territorial responsibilities, and develop special supervision and inspection plans for measurement standards and detailed work plans based on actual conditions. It is necessary to adhere to the principles of legal supervision, scientific fairness, risk management, and coordinated advancement. Whoever approves and supervises, who is in charge, who supervises. We must persist in opening doors for inspections, unblocking channels for complaints and reporting, extensively listening to the opinions of the masses, and strengthening social governance.