The seventh China Science and Technology Hall Forum focuses on seed industry resources and food security
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   On March 27th, the seventh China Science and Technology Hall Forum was held in Beijing. With the theme of”seed industry resources and food security”, the participating experts discussed the current situation, challenges, and how to make a good seed industry turnaround in my country’s seed industry and other topics of concern to everyone. Wan Jianmin, chairman of the Chinese Crop Society and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, served as the guest speakers, Huang Jikun, director of the China Agricultural Policy Research Center of Peking University, Liu Luxiang, deputy director of the Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Zhao Jiuran, director of the Maize Research Center of Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, as interactive guests Participate in the discussion. Academician Huai Jinpeng, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group, Executive Vice Chairman, and First Secretary of the Secretariat of the China Association for Science and Technology attended and presented certificates of honor to the speakers on behalf of the organizer. Party group members and secretaries of the Secretariat Shu Wei and Song Jun attended the forum. More than one hundred leading cadres at the provincial, ministerial, and bureau levels, including relevant ministries and commissions of the central and state agencies, and central enterprises, participated in the forum.
  Agricultural germplasm resources are strategic resources that guarantee national food security and the effective supply of important agricultural and sideline products, and are the material basis for the original innovation of agricultural science and technology and the development of modern seed industries. In 2021, the No. 1 Central Committee document put forward a series of requirements for fighting a turnaround in the seed industry. This year’s government work report clearly stated that it is necessary to strengthen the protection and utilization of germplasm resources and the selection and promotion of high-quality varieties, and to carry out research on key agricultural technologies.
  Academician Wan Jianmin said that the seed industry is the”chip” of agriculture, and the development of the seed industry is very important to ensure food security. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the development of my country’s seed industry has achieved remarkable results. At present, the coverage rate of good varieties of crops is over 96%, and the area of ​​self-selected varieties accounts for more than 95%. In general, the safety of seeds used in agricultural production in my country is guaranteed, and the risks are within controllable limits. At the same time, the challenges faced by my country’s seed industry cannot be ignored:my country’s current agricultural biological basic research is not original enough, cutting-edge technology innovation is still short, major new products are not deep enough, artificial intelligence, big data information technology and biological breeding technology need to be further integrated . Academician Wan Jianmin and participating experts suggested that technological self-reliance and self-reliance are the key to winning the turnaround of the seed industry. The four major aspects of scientific and technological projects should be designed and deployed, a modern seed industry technological innovation system should be constructed, diversified capital investment, and intellectual property protection should be enhanced. To fight the seed industry turnaround.
  In the interactive session, the guests communicated with online and offline audiences on the cultivation of agricultural talents, Xinjiang cotton, and the safety of biological breeding technology.
   China Science and Technology Hall Forum strives to build a platform for exchanges between top scientists and party and government leaders, provides authoritative channels for leading cadres to improve their scientific literacy, provides strategic advice for scientific decision-making, and is committed to creating an influential”Hundred Forums” in the scientific and technological community . The forum is hosted by the China Association for Science and Technology, and undertaken by the Training and Talent Service Center of the China Association for Science and Technology. This event is hosted by the China Crop Society and Xinhuanet.
  Source:China Association for Science and Technology Training and Talent Service Center