The research and application project of maize backbone inbred line gene editing technology introduced by pollen tube led by the Biological Center has been completed and accepted
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   On February 25, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission organized relevant experts to jointly undertake the biological center of the Academy, the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences The “Research and Application of Gene Editing Technology for Maize Inbred Lines Introduced into Pollen Tubes (Z171100001517001)” was accepted. The expert group listened carefully to the conclusion report made by researcher Wu Zhongyi, the lead unit of the project, and reviewed relevant materials.

   With the support of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the project took corn and other gramineous plants as the research object, and developed and established plant single-base editing, guided editing and CRISPR RNP The complex is used for gene screening and typing of editing mutants and DNA pollen transfection mediated by nano-magnetic beads. On this basis, a system for gene editing, identification and evaluation of maize backbone inbred lines introduced into pollen tubes was initially established. The gene editing system introduced by the pollen tube has created 13 new drought-resistant, water-saving and herbicide-resistant new materials, 10 new sweet materials, and new high-amylose corn inbred lines such as Zheng 58, Jing 92, 178, 2416, etc. 22 copies of materials and 4 copies of new male sterile materials. Declared 1 international invention patent and 4 national invention patents. Obtained 1 national invention patent and 8 utility model patents. Published 7 academic papers, including 4 SCI papers.

The    expert group evaluated the results and benefits of the project, and believed that the project has achieved a phased technological breakthrough, laying a solid foundation for the maturity and application of the technology The results have the potential and value of major transformation and industrialization promotion, and are expected to produce huge social and economic benefits.

   the relevant person in charge of the project management of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the director of the Beijing Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center, researcher Wei Jianhua, and deputy director Wang Xuming, and relevant scientific researchers from the three undertaking units participated The subject acceptance meeting.