The Qinhuangdao Municipal Market Supervision Administration and the Municipal Education Bureau jointly launched the inspection of food safety risks in schools starting in the spring of 2021
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   In order to effectively supervise the food safety of the campus in the spring of 2021, and to ensure the food safety and health of the teachers and students in the school, Qinhuangdao City Market Supervision Administration Resolutely implement the spirit of instructions and work requirements of the General Administration of Market Supervision, the Provincial Bureau, the Municipal Party Committee, and the Municipal Government on campus food safety work under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and regard the food safety of campus catering services as the focus and central task of the supervision work, and Early planning, early arrangement and early deployment were achieved.

   In early February 2021, and the Municipal Education Bureau jointly formulated and issued the”Notice on Carrying out the Inspection of Food Safety Risks in Schools in the Spring of 2021″.

   The”Notice” clarifies the five major work requirements of strictly abiding by the bottom line of safety, strict implementation of responsibilities, maintaining self-inspection and self-discipline, epidemic prevention and control, and strengthening supervision and inspection. The school’s food safety system, management training of employees, environmental sanitation of business premises, inventory of purchase inspection records, compliance of facilities and equipment, processing and production specifications, drinking water management, food samples, cleaning and disinfection of tableware, etc. put forward specific measures and requirements. The market supervision departments of all counties (districts) actively carried out special inspections of school food safety and investigation of hidden dangers in accordance with the requirements of the”Notice” of the Municipal Bureau, and achieved full coverage of the supervision and inspection of school canteens, student group meal delivery units and food operators around campuses. And signed a food safety commitment letter with the school to strictly prevent and control school food safety risks. For the hidden dangers of food safety and drinking water safety discovered during the inspection, promptly notify the education and health departments of the jurisdiction to supervise the implementation of the main responsibility of the school. If measures are not taken in time to eliminate hidden food safety hazards, the legal representative or the main person in charge of the school shall be interviewed for responsibility; and any violations of food safety laws and regulations discovered shall be strictly investigated and dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations. Effectively eliminate hidden dangers of campus food safety in the bud. At the same time, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration and the Municipal Education Bureau established a campus catering and food safety joint supervision and inspection team led by the leaders of the two departments. According to the different opening times of universities, colleges, middle and primary schools (including kindergartens) in Qinhuangdao City, Develop a practical and feasible supervision and inspection plan, and carry out the supervision and inspection work in a step-by-step and targeted manner according to the actual situation and time, to ensure that the inspection of hidden dangers of food safety on campus is implemented.