The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs introduced the”Chinese Fishery Policy Liangjian” fishery policy enforcement work press conference (text record)
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   The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held a press conference at 10 am on March 29 (Monday) in the Ministry’s press conference hall to introduce the”Chinese Fishery Policy Liangjian” fishery policy enforcement work. The following is the text record:

  Ladies and gentlemen, friends from the media, good morning everyone. Welcome to the press conference held by the Press Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The theme of today’s press conference is to introduce the relevant situation of the”Chinese Fishery Policy Liangjian” fishery policy enforcement work. We invited Mr. Liu Xinzhong, Director of the Fisheries and Fisheries Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Mr. Ma Yi, Director of the Yangtze River Basin Fisheries Administration Office, and Mr. Changjiang Kaiyong, Deputy Bureau of the Fisheries and Fisheries Administration Bureau. They will introduce the situation to us and answer your questions. Now, first of all, Mr. Liu Xinzhong will give you an introduction.
  2021-03-29 10:01:26
  Ladies and gentlemen, friends from the press, hello everyone. In order to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee, implement the strategy of rural revitalization, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization in waters, and further promote the high-quality development of fisheries, in 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will organize local fisheries Fishery administration departments and fishery administration law enforcement agencies have implemented a series of special law enforcement actions”China Liangjian 2020″.
  ”Liang Sword 2020″ series of special law enforcement actions focused on 9 areas including the Yangtze River ban on catching catches, protection of aquatic wildlife, summer fishing moratorium on the ocean, comprehensive management of the Bohai Sea, cleaning up and banning of fishing-related”three noes” ships, and”extreme household nets”. Over the past year, local fishery and fishery administration departments and fishery administration law enforcement agencies have adhered to the two bottom lines of development and ecology in accordance with the deployment and arrangements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Epidemic prevention and control and fishery administration law enforcement have both grasped and hardened.”Bright Sword 2020″ has invested in law enforcement. The areas of inspection by law enforcement, the scale of clean-up and rectification, and the handling of illegal cases have increased significantly compared with the previous year, continuing the strong momentum of”the strictest law enforcement”.
   From the law enforcement data, according to statistics,”Liangjian 2020″ has dispatched 1,791,800 law enforcement personnel nationwide, 320,800 law enforcement vehicles, and 187,800 law enforcement boats, and inspected fishing boats, fishing ports and natural docks of fishing boats. , Markets, ship net equipment repair and manufacturing sites 874,200 ships (units), patrolled 3,268,600 nautical miles on water, and 7.6604 million kilometers on land. A total of 41,900 cases of fishery violations of various types were investigated and handled, administrative fines of 209 million yuan, 55,100 persons involved were seized, a year-on-year increase of 29.16%, 28.14%, and 27.61%respectively; 5,582 suspected criminal cases and persons involved were transferred to the public security organs 8,870, an increase of 91.89%and 88.36%respectively year-on-year. At the same time, 2,219 cross-regional fishing boats were investigated and dealt with, 10,781″three nos” vessels and more than 660,000″extreme household nets” were cleaned up and banned.
  From the perspective of cooperation mechanism construction, the construction of cooperation mechanism between fishery administration and public security, maritime police, market supervision and other departments has been further improved, and the joint fishery administration cooperation between Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangdong, Guiqiong and other provinces has gradually become normalized. It should be said that the cooperation mechanism is smoother, the cooperation content is more pragmatic, and the cooperation effect is more obvious.
   From the perspective of strengthening publicity and guidance, we have successively released the top ten typical cases of fishery-related violations in 2019, and the top ten typical cases of fishery-related violations in the Yangtze River Basin. According to incomplete statistics, in 2020, a total of 7,541,400 publicity materials were distributed in various places, and 424,500 times were publicized by the news media. Thank you all for this. Organized and carried out 9320 events involving the centralized public dismantling and destruction of fishing”three noes” ships and illegal fishing gear, which conveyed to the society the firm determination of the fishery management department to crack down on fishery violations and sent a strong signal to the society that severe penalties were imposed.
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  From the perspective of system construction and supply, the”Fisheries Law Enforcement Standards (Interim)”,”Fisheries Law Enforcement Equipment Guidance Standards”,”Regulations on the Supervision of the Listing of Major Fisheries Violations and Regulations”,”Illegal Fishing Cases Involved Articles Identification (Appraisal)” Documents such as “Measures for Damage Assessment and Restoration of Aquatic Biological Resources (Trial)” will further enhance the level of strict, standardized, fair and civilized law enforcement.
   During the law enforcement process of”Bright Sword 2020″, local fishery and fishery administration departments and fishery administration law enforcement agencies have cracked down on illegal fishing, severely investigated and dealt with a number of illegal fishing cases, severely punished a group of illegal fishing personnel, and safeguarded law-abiding fishermen The legitimate rights and interests of the fishery and the order of fishery production in sensitive waters. In order to further strengthen the warning education and increase the legal deterrence, we screened the case of Lu Mou Yujia 60888 fishing boat illegally buying and selling fish during the summer fishing period, Zhang Moujun and other 31 groups illegally fishing and selling eel seedlings, Ji Mouyu 03666, etc. Ten typical cases including the”7.29″ illegal fishing of six fishing boats during the summer fishing break are planned to be announced, and the materials have been distributed to everyone, please refer to them.
   Although the”Bright Sword 2020″ has achieved remarkable results, the promotion of high-quality fishery development and the construction of water ecological civilization has put forward higher requirements for fishery law enforcement agencies. In accordance with the principle of”great stability, minor adjustments”, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has adjusted the”Liangjian 2021″ series of special law enforcement actions. In early March, the”China Fisheries Administration Liangjian 2021″ series of special law enforcement actions were issued.”Liangjian 2021″ includes a total of special law enforcement actions for a comprehensive ban on catching in key waters of the Yangtze River Basin, special law enforcement actions for the closure of ocean fishing in the summer season, special law enforcement actions for foreign fisheries, special law enforcement actions for the protection and standardized utilization of aquatic wildlife, and a special project for the standardized use of inputs for aquaculture 9 specific special actions including law enforcement actions. The document has also been sent to everyone, please refer to it yourself.
   Fishery and fishery administration departments and fishery administration law enforcement agencies at all levels will base themselves on the new development stage, implement new development concepts, build a new development pattern, accurately recognize changes, respond scientifically, actively seek changes, and adhere to problem-oriented and result-oriented. Highlight key issues, strengthen law enforcement, and make a good start and make a good contribution to the comprehensive implementation of rural revitalization and the construction of ecological civilization!
   My colleagues and I are willing to answer your questions, thank you.
  2021-03-29 10:11:44

   Thank you Director Liu for the introduction. Now let’s move on to the question session. Please ask questions around the theme of today’s press conference. When asking questions, please inform the news organization you represent.
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  [CCTV reporter from CCTV]:
  My question is that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has organized and carried out the special law enforcement action of”China Fishery Bright Sword” for 4 consecutive years. It should be said that it has formed a certain degree of influence in the society. What are the specific action designs of”Bright Sword 2021″ consider? Thank you.
  2021-03-29 10:18:41
  Thank you, your question just now made me feel that friends in the media are still quite familiar with the”Bright Sword” operation, and it seems that our effect is still showing up. As you said, our”Bright Sword” operation has been carried out for 4 years, and this year will be the fifth year. On March 8 this year, we issued the”Bright Sword 2021″ special law enforcement action plan, which includes 9 specific action plans. It should be said that there were also 9 last year and 9 this year. In designing these specific actions, our basic consideration is to base on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, keep the two red lines of development and ecology, and coordinate development and security. Further strengthen the supervision of fishery law enforcement and promote the high-quality development of fishery. It can be summed up with”Four Focuses”. The first is to focus on the implementation of the Party Central Committee’s decision and deployment. The ten-year ban on fishing in the Yangtze River is a major decision for the overall plan and for future generations. The ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin is also a great plan for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The primary task of”China Fishery Policy Liangjian 2021″ is to ensure the implementation of the Party Central Committee’s decision-making and deployment. The second is to focus on outstanding issues in fisheries. Fishing-related”three noes” ships,”extreme household nets” and electro-poisonous fish fry are cancerous tumors that endanger fishery resources and the ecological environment, and they are also difficult issues that have long-term effects on the sustainable development of fisheries. These problems have a common feature, that is, they are highly repetitive and difficult to cure.”Liangjian 2021″ adheres to problem-oriented and goal-oriented, cracking down on the above-mentioned illegal activities, and continues to maintain a high-pressure posture against the above-mentioned illegal activities, so as to achieve solid results. The third is to focus on fishery ecological protection and sustainable development. The summer fishing moratorium in the ocean and the ban on fishing in major inland rivers are effective measures to protect fishery resources and are also important measures to promote the construction of fishery ecological civilization. Strengthening fishery law enforcement is an important means to implement the fishing moratorium system. The fourth is to focus on foreign-related fishery management. Severely cracking down on infringement, illegal fishing, and off-season fishing, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of fishermen, and stabilizing the fishery production order in the surrounding waters are our due responsibility as a responsible fishing country. At the same time, strengthening cooperation with relevant countries in fishery administration and law enforcement and cracking down on illegal operations is also a practical need to promote international fishery cooperation. Generally speaking, the nine major fishery enforcement actions this year are both business issues and political issues. I think this importance will be gradually manifested in the next step of implementation. Thank you.
  2021-03-29 10:18:55
  [Central Radio and Television Central Station Yangguang reporter]:
   As the weather gets warmer, fishing activities in many places begin to increase. There are reports that fishing in the waters of the Yangtze River is suspected of disguised productive fishing. What does the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs think of these fishing behaviors? What policy measures are taken to regulate management? Thank you.
  2021-03-29 10:28:13
   Many people are paying close attention to your question now, and it is also very representative to ask this question. The fishing we are talking about is usually fishing, which was originally a recreational activity. There are many fishing enthusiasts in our country. Traditional recreational fishing should say that the damage to fishery resources is extremely limited. Therefore, the ten-year ban on fishing in the Yangtze River, the so-called ban on fishing is productive fishing, and usual fishing is not for profit. But why does this issue cause social concern? It is that we are now in some places under such strict fishing bans such as the use of explosive hooks, string hooks, visual anchors and other destructive fishing gear, as well as multiple rods for one person, multiple hooks on one line, multiple hooks on multiple lines, etc. Standard fishing behavior, the so-called fishing catch two to three hundred catties a day, this has changed. This is contrary to our fishing ban. Our ministry has also taken a series of measures to deal with this issue, and many local governments have also successively introduced some regulations to regulate. Our main approach has several aspects:First, delimit fishing areas, and clearly consider the protection of aquatic biological resources and the public’s recreational fishing needs. Fishing should be prohibited in protected areas. Fishing should be strictly controlled in the Yangtze River and major tributaries, as well as in large rivers and lakes such as Poyang Lake and Dongting Lake. In other waters, fishing prohibited and permitted fishing areas should be scientifically delineated. The second is to standardize the fishing method of fishing tackle. All localities are required to formulate a list of permitted fishing tackle based on actual conditions, limit the number of fishing tackles, strictly prohibit the use of fishing tackles, fishing methods, various fish-finding equipment, and video aids that seriously damage aquatic biological resources, and prohibit the use of boats, rafts and other floating objects on the water Go fishing. The third is to regulate the type of bait. It is prohibited to use bait, nest material and additives containing toxic and harmful substances, as well as bait for live aquatic organisms such as fish and shrimp. We encourage the use of artificial bait or bionic bait. The management of bait is to prevent fishing bait from polluting the water. The fourth is to regulate the disposal of fishing catches. Strictly prohibit the sale and purchase of fishing catches, and any transactions are deemed to be illegal fishing, so as to ensure that fishing returns to the position of leisure and entertainment. The fifth is to clarify the fishing time. According to local fishing conditions and water conditions, ban fishing periods shall be established to avoid key stages of life history such as the reproduction and migration of aquatic organisms, and to avoid damage to aquatic biological resources. Recently, our ministry has also organized a series of special law enforcement actions for the”China Fishery Policy Liangjian 2021″, requiring all localities to resolutely crack down on the use or disguised use of fishing for fishing production. At the same time, speed up the revision of the Fisheries Law and the Regulations on the Protection and Management of Aquatic Organisms of the Yangtze River, actively promote the formulation of fishing management measures in various places, and include recreational and recreational fishing behaviors into the scope of supervision, and resolutely take productive and destructive fishing Acts are blocked outside the door of the law, effectively maintaining the order of bans on fishing, and protecting the ecology of the waters. Thank you.
  2021-03-29 10:28:28
  [Dragon TV reporter]:
   On February 22 this year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a notice on the summer fishing moratorium system. What are the main changes in the latest ocean fishing moratorium? Thank you.
  2021-03-29 10:36:10

  The summer fishing moratorium system is a very important fishery resource conservation system in our country. Since the implementation of the summer fishing moratorium in 1995, it should be said that it has effectively protected marine fishery resources and increased the income of fishing fishermen. It has also been welcomed by the broad masses of fishermen and the attention of all sectors of society. During the implementation of the fishing moratorium system, we have also received good suggestions and opinions from many sources. In order to further strengthen the conservation and protection of marine fishery resources, our ministry has conducted in-depth investigations and studies, and extensively listened to fishermen and the masses. On the basis of the opinions, and in line with the principle of “overall stability, partial unity, reduction of conflicts, and ease of management”, starting this year, the fishing suspension period in the Fujian waters south of 26 degrees 30 minutes north latitude has been optimized, and the beam towed shrimp has been extended. The end of the fishing moratorium for the four types of operations, such as cage pots, gillnets, and light fences (laying) nets, has been extended from August 1 to August 16, which is consistent with the fishing moratorium in the South China Sea. On the whole, the new fishing moratorium reduces the time nodes for moratoriums in Fujian waters, and further clarifies that fishing vessels should return to their home ports to monetize fishing, and implement relevant measures such as control and control of fishing tackle and fishing vessels that are not moratoriums. The new fishing moratorium system fully takes into account the large north-south span of my country’s seas, the large differences in climate, fishery resource distribution, fishermen’s operating methods, and the large number of fishing boats and fishermen. The adjustment range of the system is not large, but it is beneficial to the waters at the border of Fujian and Guangdong. The management of suspension of fishing in the summer is also conducive to maintaining the overall stability of fishermen’s production and fishing areas. We will continue to strengthen the law enforcement and supervision of the summer fishing moratorium, continue to pay attention to and evaluate the implementation of the new fishing moratorium, and continue to increase the conservation of marine fishery resources, in order to promote the sustainable development of marine fisheries, and promote the construction of ecological civilization and the construction of a beautiful China. positive effect. Thank you.
  2021-03-29 10:36:30
  [People’s Daily reporter]:
   I have noticed that a new action has been added to the”China Fishery Administration Liangjian 2021″ plan, that is, a special enforcement action on the regulated use of inputs for aquaculture. What is the consideration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs? How do you plan to carry out this action? Thank you.
  2021-03-29 10:44:50
  Your focus is very good. I think this issue is not only about you. It seems that people who like to eat fish and those who are going to eat fish are very concerned about it. The quality and safety of aquatic products is an important focus of the products provided by our industry. We must not only provide high-quality aquatic products, but also provide aquatic products that everyone can rest assured. This is our responsibility. An important factor affecting the quality and safety of aquatic products is the inputs used in aquaculture, including veterinary drugs, feed and feed additives. The supervision of the production, operation and use of these products is related to the quality and safety of aquatic products and the safety of the ecological environment of the water area. The vital interests of the broad masses of the people. Our Ministry has always attached great importance to the supervision of inputs used in aquatic product breeding, and continued to crack down on related illegal activities. The quality and safety of aquatic products has also been maintained at a relatively high or very high level. However, in recent years, some companies have deliberately circumvented supervision and mixed fish in the name of so-called “non-pharmaceuticals” and “water quality improvers”, and produced and sold fake and inferior inputs to farmers. This has caused hidden dangers to quality and ecological safety and threatened them. The interests of the majority of fishermen and the health of consumers. It is imperative to rectify this behavior. For this reason, our ministry has decided to start the standardized use of inputs for aquaculture as an important part of the”Bright Sword” action this year. It requires the local agricultural and rural departments to carry out special rectification for three consecutive years to speed up the restoration of a good order of standardized use of inputs for aquaculture and ensure that The people’s consumption of aquatic products is”safe on the tip of the tongue” to protect the ecological environment of the water area. We require agricultural and rural departments at all levels and law enforcement agencies to first improve their political positions, take the initiative to fulfill their duties, formulate plans carefully, clarify the division of responsibilities, strengthen departmental collaboration, and ensure that law enforcement actions are effective. It is also necessary to strengthen legal education and training, and conduct extensive publicity and guidance. Through the holding of training courses, posters, and distribution of promotional materials, the”Fishery Law”, the”Regulations on Veterinary Drug Administration”,”Feed and Feed Additives” and other laws and regulations and standardized aquaculture drug use should be widely carried out. Knowledge propaganda allows the people to understand what can be used, what cannot be used, what is safe, and what is insecure. Strengthen law enforcement inspections, highlight the key points of law enforcement, strictly investigate major and important cases, and issue guiding cases, so as to investigate and deal with, educate and deter one side. At the same time, we will unblock the reporting channels, give full play to the role of social supervision, and build a good rectification pattern with strict control by the responsible departments and wide participation of the society, so that everyone can eat with peace of mind. Thank you.
  2021-03-29 10:45:14
  [China Sannong Press Reporter]:
   We have learned that the saury season has ushered in the Yangtze Estuary and the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, which is the traditional fishing and consumption season. What measures and arrangements are in place to combat illegal catches in the market, especially saury?
  2021-03-29 11:03:09
   Your question is very specific. Saury is a fish that migrates from the river to the sea. It is distributed in many areas. It is called”sea knife” in the sea; it is called”jiang knife” when it migrates to rivers. The migration channel is not only the Yangtze River, but also the Qiantang River, Ou River, etc. Saury is also a”jiang knife”; there is also a”hu knife” that settles in the lake; in addition, saury can be farmed artificially, that is, saury. Traditional saury, sought after by some consumers, is the so-called”sky-priced saury”, which refers to the wild saury that migrates to the Yangtze River. The foodies of the Yangtze saury in the past are most sought after by the Qingming Festival, so the time you mentioned is exactly this time. From March 1st to April 30th, we organized special strike operations. The fishery administration, public security, maritime affairs and other relevant departments cooperated in law enforcement around the clock to maintain a high-pressure situation. At the same time, unannounced investigations were conducted on aquatic product markets and catering establishments. All localities also asked for tickets and traced the source of aquatic products sold in the market. Sales without tickets are strictly prohibited, and sea knives and lake knives are used to pretend to be from the market. Punishment from a regulatory perspective. In the next step, we will pay close attention to the key areas of the Yangtze River estuary, continue to strengthen the management of the Yangtze River’s fishing ban, and ensure that the fishing ban is effectively implemented and effective through water fishing, port blockage, and market inspections. Main methods:First, do a good job in the monitoring and identification of the source of saury. Strengthen the sales management of various aquatic products, promote the establishment of a”certificate + retrospective certificate” system, and strictly prevent wild saury from the Yangtze River from entering the market. The second is to unblock the source information sharing channels. It is necessary to continue to increase the frequency of cross-regional and cross-departmental joint law enforcement, strengthen the connection of executions, and severely crack down on various illegal cases. The third is to carry out rewarded reports. To guide the masses to refuse to buy the Yangtze saury, here I also take this opportunity to call on friends in the media to help us promote and guide the masses. As I just said, the saury you buy and eat is not the traditional saury. The name is the same and the connotation is the same. It’s not the same. Actually, the big price is not the saury you want to eat. Let the common people not be taken advantage of, and jointly create a public opinion that does not catch water, does not sell in the market, does not make restaurants, and the masses do not eat. Thank you.
  2021-03-29 11:03:23
  [Daily Economic News Reporter]:
  According to the deployment of the State Council, all fishing bans in the Yangtze River Basin will be achieved before New Year’s Day in 2021, and the ten-year ban on fishing in the Yangtze River will be opened. Can you tell us about the effects of the three-month ban on fishing? What is the situation with illegal fishing seized? Thank you.
  2021-03-29 11:27:22
   Since January 1 this year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has taken the lead, in conjunction with relevant departments, local people’s governments at all levels, public security, and the market, to vigorously implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and a good start has been made. The main tasks are as follows:First, complete the task of retreating arrests in the key waters of the Yangtze River basin on time. Everyone knows this. We will continue to do a good job in ensuring the resettlement of the retreating people to ensure that the masses can retreat, stay stable, and become rich. The second is to continue to improve the management mechanism of the Yangtze River ban. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has issued opinions with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Transport, and the General Administration of Market Supervision to promote the improvement of the long-term management mechanism of the Yangtze River ban on law enforcement. Recently, the Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Water Resources jointly issued a document to continue to improve grid management on the basis of the long-term system of rivers and lakes, and promote the full coverage of law enforcement responsibilities in the management of the Yangtze River’s banned waters. At the local level, the Standing Committees of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui People’s Congresses in the Yangtze River Delta region reviewed and approved the”Decision on Promoting and Ensuring the Prohibition of Catch in the Yangtze River Basin” to further strengthen the management of bans in inter-provincial border waters such as the Yangtze River. Some other regions, provinces and cities have also successively introduced policies to improve local laws and regulations. The top-level policy design and system construction of the Yangtze River ban is being improved rapidly. The third is to actively improve the ability of fishery law enforcement and supervision. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the National Development and Reform Commission urgently purchased a batch of law-enforcement equipment, and compiled the”Plan for the Construction of the Yangtze River Biodiversity Conservation Project” during the”14th Five-Year Plan” period to support and promote the strengthening of fishery administration and law enforcement capacity building in local areas. The fourth is to always maintain a high-pressure posture to combat illegal fishing. Since January-March, the fishery authorities of various regions have cleaned and banned 3437″three-nos” ships, cleared 37,255 illegal nets, investigated 1,834 violations of laws and regulations, seized 464 ships involved, and seized 1,955 persons involved, of which Judicial transfer of 481 people, the amount of administrative punishment is about 2.2 million yuan. Through our continued high pressure and strict management, the order of the Yangtze River’s arrest ban is generally stable. At the same time, we are also handling letters and visits from various places in a timely manner. The complaint issues mainly focus on the identification of fishermen, compensation for withdrawal from catch, subsidy standards, and implementation of resettlement guarantee policies. From January to March, the special class received a total of 33 letters and calls from all over the country. The average monthly number of letters and calls has dropped from 28 in 2020 to 11 at present. The overall trend is improving.
  2021-03-29 11:27:37
   In the next step, we will focus on the following tasks:First, continue to promote the inclusion of the Yangtze River ban in the local government’s performance appraisal, discipline inspection and supervision, party style and political style supervision, and the outgoing audit of natural resource assets of local leading cadres The main responsibility and territorial responsibility of local governments should be compacted and consolidated. The second is to give play to the role of the grid management system of banning law enforcement, and to achieve full coverage and seamless connection of banned water area management responsibilities. Continue to strengthen the construction of the law enforcement team and equipment of the Yangtze River, strengthen the role of the fishery administration base jointly built by the ministries and provinces and the special law enforcement fleet of the Yangtze River fishery administration, and organize a series of special law enforcement rectification actions in conjunction with public security, market supervision, and transportation departments. Crack down on illegal and criminal activities such as illegal fishing. The third is to start the implementation of the”Ten Provinces, Hundred Counties and Thousand Households” follow-up plan, carry out follow-up visits on the resettlement security situation of the fishermen withdrawn from fishing, and guide the localities to implement resettlement security policies. The fourth is to issue and implement the”Yangtze River Biodiversity Conservation Project Construction Plan (2021-2025)”, promote the implementation of the rescue action plan for the Chinese sturgeon, the Yangtze finless porpoise, and the Yangtze sturgeon, and improve the population recovery capacity of the rare and endangered species of the Yangtze River. Fifth, build the Yangtze River biological resource monitoring network, organize the evaluation of the Yangtze River biological integrity index, release the bulletin on the aquatic biological resources and habitat conditions in the Yangtze River Basin, and scientifically evaluate the effectiveness of the Yangtze River’s catch ban and species protection. Thank you.
  2021-03-29 11:27:37
  [China County Economic News reporter]:
  The operation of electric fish is very harmful to fishery resources and the ecological environment. What measures will the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs take regarding the launch of a special law enforcement action against electric fish this year? Thank you.
  2021-03-29 11:28:00
  Electric fish is indeed a fishing activity that seriously damages fishery resources and the ecological environment of the water area. It is a fishing method that is expressly prohibited by our national laws and regulations. Cracking down on electric fish is also a key task of our fishery law enforcement agencies at all levels for a long time. Since 2018, our ministry has included cracking down on electric fish into the”China Fishery Bright Sword” series of special law enforcement operations. In 2020, fishery and fishery administration departments at all levels, together with relevant departments, will carry out crackdowns and rectifications from the entire chain of manufacturing, sales, and use of electric fishery appliances. A number of dens that manufacture electric fishery appliances have been banned and a group of sellers of electric fishery appliances have been investigated and punished. Merchants have knocked out a number of electric fishing gangs to effectively deter illegal electric fishing activities. According to incomplete statistics, in 2020, 7,160 electro-fishing cases were investigated and prosecuted across the country, and 17,200 sets (sets) of electro-fishing appliances were confiscated. There are such cases among the top ten typical cases notified by our ministry. This year, our ministry will also continue to organize and implement special law enforcement actions against electric fish, instruct local fishery administrations to strengthen law enforcement cooperation with public security, maritime police, market supervision and other departments, and carry out crackdowns on the entire industry chain including the manufacture, sale, and use of electric fish appliances. , We will continue to maintain a high-pressure and strict crackdown on electric fish. We will cooperate with relevant departments to include the cracking down on illegal fishing operations such as electric poisonous fish fry into the scope of performance evaluation of the river chief system and lake chief system at all levels, and implement grid management to compact Regulatory responsibility. In accordance with the”Opinions on Punishing Illegal Fishing and Other Crimes in the Yangtze River Basin” jointly issued by the Supreme Law, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security, and our Ministry, severe punishments will be imposed on the conduct of electric fish found on the spot and with conclusive evidence; at the same time, the carrying of electric fish shall be severely punished. The relevant behavior of the equipment entering the fishery waters but no catch is found will also be comprehensively identified and strictly investigated based on the video surveillance data and witness testimony. While increasing administrative penalties and investigating criminal responsibilities in accordance with the law, we will also cooperate with the judicial department in accordance with the requirements of our Ministry’s”Illegal Fishing Cases’ Recognition (Appraisal) and Assessment and Repair of Aquatic Animal Resources Damages”. Repair and assess the damage to aquatic organisms and their living environment, promote the implementation of public interest litigation against illegal electric fish, increase the cost of illegal electric fish, and increase the deterrence of illegal electric fish. Thank you.
  2021-03-29 11:34:54
  [Farmers Daily China Rural Net reporter]:
   Judging from the data released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in recent years, there are not a few fishing-related”three-nos” ships cleaned up every year. This shows that the”three-nos” ships are easy to rebound. How can we solve this problem fundamentally in the next step? Thank you.
  2021-03-29 12:54:41
   This is an old problem, and everyone has been paying attention to it in recent years. The”three nos” ship involved in fishing is a professional term, referring to ships without a registry port, no ship name, and no ship certificate. There are”three nos” vessels involved in fishing in the inland and coastal areas. They have been out of supervision for a long time, doing bad things, regardless of where they want to go, and some”three nos” vessels even cross-border fishing, damaging our national image. Strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, and never allow a large number of acts that damage fishery resources and damage the ecological environment of the waters to exist for a long time. The significance of cracking down on fishing-related”three noes” ships is extraordinary. At the same time, my country is moving towards the second centenary goal, and it is impossible to tolerate the existence of illegal and unsupervised”three noes” vessels involving fishing for a long time. In the next step, in terms of combat methods, we will learn from the experience of anti-corruption and take the”three noes” coordinated advancement of combating fishing-related”three noes” ships. The first is to pass the investigation and punishment of major and important cases, strictly manage heavy penalties, increase the cost of violations, and make him”not dare to do it.” We continue to include it as the key content of the”Bright Sword” operation, the purpose is to maintain a high-pressure strike situation. Since 2015, through the unremitting efforts of fishery and fishery administration departments at all levels and fishery administration law enforcement agencies, a total of more than 60,000 fishery-related “three noes” vessels have been dismantled and dismantled, especially since the implementation of the Yangtze River ban last year. The effect of attacking the”three noes” ships involved in fishing is very obvious. The second is to establish a mechanism so that he”cannot do it.” In addition to on-site inspections and law enforcement, we will focus more on source governance, and coordinate supervision through the seamless connection of multiple departments, fields and links in fishery, maritime police, industry and information technology, transportation, market supervision, public security, etc., in accordance with the way of relay running. . Recently, some key fishing areas such as Weihai City in Shandong Province and Dalian City in Liaoning Province have started from multiple angles such as the construction, inspection, and operation of fishing”three noes” vessels to strengthen their crackdown control efforts. At the same time, we focus on fishing port supervision, promote fishery law enforcement agencies to strengthen regional cooperation, and joint investigation and management, so that it cannot exist. The third is to strengthen the conversion of production and industry, and promote the change of fishermen to”do not want to do”. During the law enforcement, we found that many illegal fishing boats are operated by traditional fishermen. They rely on the mountains to eat the mountains and the water for drafting. Some are engaged in illegal fishing for their livelihoods. Of course, this cannot be used as a reason for violations of laws and regulations, but we also have to deal with the actual difficulties of fishermen. consider. In this regard, we will comprehensively promote rural revitalization through industrial integration and development, and create more jobs to solve the employment and living problems of fishermen in fishing areas, so that they no longer want to use fishing”three noes” ships to engage in illegal fishing. This is the direction of our efforts and it will take a certain amount of time, but the work will only be stricter and will not be relaxed. Thank you.
  2021-03-29 12:55:40
   Thank you all for your support from the media, as well as Mr. Liu Xinzhong, Mr. Ma Yi, and Mr. Jiang Kaiyong for attending today’s press conference. This concludes the press conference.
  2021-03-29 12:56:05