The Market Supervision Bureau of Mentougou District, Beijing fights”combined punches” to escort the Lantern Festival
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  Food Partner Network News Before the Lantern Festival, while doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the “external defense input and internal prevention rebound”, the Market Supervision Bureau of Beijing Mentougou District, based on food safety, resolutely carried out In the market field, we have”understood” responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, and simultaneously promoted the supervision and inspection of food quality, measuring instruments, product prices, etc., to create a safe and secure shopping environment for consumers.
   One is to implement regular epidemic prevention and control. Law enforcement officials focused on inspections of prevention and control measures such as body temperature measurement, code scanning registration, and personnel current limitation of various market operators, and required strengthening employee management, doing a good job in the registration of information for personnel leaving and returning to Beijing, and strictly implementing nucleic acid testing and isolation Observation, vaccination, etc.
   The second is to make full use of the cold chain traceability platform. Since the 12th, Beijing’s cold chain food traceability platform has expanded its scope to include all imported cold chain foods stored at temperatures below 0°C (including 0°C). Law enforcement officers urge companies to improve platform information, post traceability QR codes, and spot check correspondences. The product inspection and quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test report, disinfection certificate and other documents ensure that the whole process can be traced.
   The third is to be strict with food safety. Full coverage inspection of shopping malls, supermarkets, and time-honored shops selling Lantern Festival and dumplings, guiding and supervising merchants to strictly implement various food safety systems, covering bulk food; combining risk monitoring with supervision and random inspection, random inspection of 81 batches of samples was found Five batches of qualified products have been investigated and dealt with according to law.
  Fourth is to guard the fairness of measurement. Check the measuring instrument management ledgers for each pastry sales unit, check the validity period of the measuring instruments in use, and eliminate the two phenomena of lack of weight. Guide the weighing process of boxed snacks and remind the weighing process to operate in a standard manner.
  Fifth, it is to remind and warn that the price should be clearly marked. Continue to pay attention to the market price behavior of high-end famous liquor sales companies such as Moutai and Wuliangye. Since late January, as of February 18, a total of 142 law enforcement officers have been dispatched to 71 shopping malls, supermarkets, tobacco and alcohol specialty stores and other online and offline high-end famous liquors. The sales company conducted inspections and found no illegal acts such as price collusion, price bidding, or non-standard pricing.
  In the future, the District Market Supervision Bureau will do its best to prevent and control the epidemic, and at the same time, make every effort to ensure food safety and price stability during the Lantern Festival, and take practical actions to satisfy consumers’ desire for market safety.