The Market Supervision Bureau of Heilongjiang Province reminds you:”Three Looks” and”Three Musts” must be taken in the procurement of agricultural materials
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  Spring plowing preparation is about to begin. In order to make farmers feel safe in buying and using them, the Heilongjiang Provincial Market Supervision Bureau reminds farmers:When buying agricultural materials and products, we must”three look” and”three essentials.”
   three look:
   Have a look at qualifications. Pay attention to choosing qualified operators (including platform operators) to purchase agricultural products. It is necessary to carefully check the qualification certificates of the operator’s business license, industry business license, and manufacturer’s power of attorney.
  Second look at the logo. Pay attention to check whether the packaging is intact and whether the label is complete and standardized. It is necessary to carefully check whether the product packaging is marked with the origin, manufacturer, use, performance, specifications, grade, main ingredients, production date, expiration date, inspection certificate, product implementation standards and other related content.
  Three look at the description. Read the product instructions and scope of application carefully. Operate strictly in accordance with the instructions to avoid losses due to improper use. If you encounter unclear problems, you should promptly consult with agricultural material producers, operators or local agricultural technical service departments.
  Three essentials:
   I need a voucher. It is necessary to ask the operators for valid shopping vouchers such as invoices, credit cards, contracts, subsidy agreements and other important information indicating the product name, purchase time, quantity, specifications, and prices, and keep them properly.
  Second, please keep a sample. According to the storage requirements of agricultural materials, samples of agricultural materials should be properly retained. Once quality problems occur, evidence should be provided to the relevant departments in a timely manner to facilitate the resolution of the problems.
   Third, we must defend our rights. In the event of a dispute over the consumption of agricultural materials, the operator can be negotiated first. If the negotiation fails, a report or complaint should be made to the market supervision, agricultural and rural departments of the jurisdiction, or a complaint to the consumer association. You can also call 12315 (or log on to the national 12315 platform) or 12345 for complaints.