The Market Supervision Bureau of Anyue County, Sichuan Province investigated and dealt with a case suspected of operating imported cold chain meat products in violation of epidemic prevention regulations
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   On February 26, law enforcement officers of the Anyue County Market Supervision Administration conducted a cold chain food inspection of passing vehicles at the Anyue Exit of Sui Expressway in Anyue County and found 10 pieces of frozen pork ribs in the trunk of a passenger car (10 kg per piece), the labeling information of this batch of food is inconsistent with the information provided by the parties.
  The batch of food, labelled the place of origin:Sichuan. Suining, manufacturer:Sichuan Suining Nanda Food Co., Ltd., imported cold chain food name:frozen pork ribs (Canadian frozen bone-in pork spine), origin:Canada, production date:2021.2.2 (cargo code batch number) :20210119), of which 3 pieces have goods codes and 7 pieces have no codes. Among the relevant materials provided by the parties, there is no inspection and quarantine certificate, the customs declaration form (origin:Netherlands) is inconsistent with the on-site product label (origin:Canada), and the nucleic acid test report product production date:2020.11.30, which is inconsistent with the label production date, and has not been used Enter relevant information on the”Chuan Cold Chain” platform.
  The law enforcement personnel quickly reported the on-site disposal situation to relevant leaders, contacted the county CDC for nucleic acid testing, and stored the goods in the county’s imported cold chain food centralized supervision warehouse as required. At present, the nucleic acid test of this batch of products has been completed, and the result is negative. The business household did not fulfill the requirements of the”Notice on Strengthening the Sterilization and Traceability of Cold Chain Food by the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau and other nine departments”, the county market supervision bureau has filed an investigation on the suspected illegal facts of the business household, and the results of the investigation will be promptly reported in accordance with the procedures. The public is open.