The Luzhou City Market Supervision System Comprehensively Promotes the Special Enforcement Action of”Every Ten Check Restaurant”
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   In order to promote the quality and safety of Luzhou’s catering industry to a new level, the Luzhou Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has launched a special law enforcement action for the “Every Ten Check Restaurant” since March, which will be carried out on the 10th of every month in principle (ie every month On the 10th, 20th, and 30th, in case of weekends and holidays, it can be advanced or postponed); since March is in the beginning of the school season for students, a special inspection of food safety in the spring school will be deployed simultaneously.
   This law enforcement action focuses on special law enforcement inspections for school canteens and catering units with many complaints from the masses. At the same time, law enforcement inspection objects are randomly determined, law enforcement personnel are randomly selected, and the focus is on whether the main responsibility for food safety is fulfilled. Whether to implement food safety management systems such as personnel health, food raw material purchase inspection, catering utensils decontamination, etc., whether to standardize operation and processing, effectively prevent cross-contamination, and conduct comprehensive inspections on other food safety issues; at the same time, pay close attention to epidemic prevention and control. Relax, supervise and urge catering units to implement the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, implement food purchase inspections, ticket requests and certificate inspections, and make every effort to ensure the safety of catering food. Law enforcement personnel conduct on-site interpretation of laws and regulations, regulatory requirements, and relevant standards on the inspection situation, and simultaneously carry out law popularization and education.
   As of March 25, the city has dispatched 1,523 law enforcement personnel to inspect 989 catering units (including 863 school canteens), sample 53 batches, and issue 22 inspection reports, of which 1 batch was unqualified; 84 rectification notices were issued, 58 cases were filed, and 3 cases were transferred to the public security (3 catering units that purchased imported cold chain foods that did not enter the centralized supervision warehouse were transferred to the public security). Through this action, we will severely crack down on violations of food safety laws and regulations in catering services, establish advanced models of standardized operations, enhance business entities’ awareness of law-abiding, guide the self-discipline of the catering industry, create a good atmosphere for food safety and social governance, and help create a national food safety demonstration city.