The important research results of Fan Zhimin’s agricultural history research team of Northwest A&F University published in authoritative folklore journals
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  Recently, the Fan Zhimin Agricultural History Research Team of the Faculty of Humanities published a research paper titled”Delimitation of the Boundary between Agriculture and Human Food” in the authoritative folklore journal”Folklore Research” (2nd issue of 2021), a young teacher of the Faculty of Humanities Liu Zhuangzhuang is the first author, and Professor Fan Zhimin is the corresponding author.
   The article”Delimitation of Agriculture and Human Food Boundary”, for the first time put forward the concept of”food boundary”. The article believes that the use of human food resources during the period of gathering, fishing and hunting is in a state of”borderless”, and that humans may have used all available food on the earth to satisfy their hunger. In the long exploration, the ancestors all over the world gradually rejected and eliminated the food varieties that caused their own diseases and harmed themselves, and intensively selected a number of high-quality agricultural and pastoral fruit and vegetable varieties, supplemented by different cooking. Processing technology resolves toxins and germs contained in food, and ensures the safety of human life. After the continuous complementarity and improvement between various regions, a food resource bank that can ensure the survival and reproduction of human beings is finally formed. However, under the circumstances of catastrophe and abundance, the boundary of human food utilization, which is clarified by agriculture, tends to be out of norm and beyond the boundary. This kind of anomie and transgression not only infringes on the survival rights of other animals and plants in nature, but also has an impact on the ethics and morals of human society, and even threatens the safety of human life.
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