The Hohhot Market Supervision Bureau takes the first step in food circulation, highlighting new achievements in market supervision
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   What are the areas of supervision in the food circulation field that people are most concerned about this year?
   Recently, the Market Supervision Bureau of Hohhot City”shows up” the answer-relying on the Mongolian cold chain to achieve”source control”, carry out hidden danger investigation”process supervision”, and explore key areas”detailed sorting”. Take the first step in”keeping the bottom line, protecting people’s livelihood, and promoting development” and show new achievements.
  1.”Offline inspection + online monitoring” to promote source control
   For cold chain food safety supervision and epidemic prevention and control related work, offline inspections are based on the”eleven proofs”, and online monitoring relies on the”Meng cold chain” traceability platform to double supervise and urge food operators to implement the main responsibility and responsibility of food safety. The main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control.
   Offline focus on supervision of cold chain food, especially imported cold chain food. The content includes food operators’ implementation of special channel purchases, special area storage, special area sales of imported cold chain food, imported cold chain food inspection and quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test certificate, disinfection certificate, implementation of non-inspection and quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test certificate, and disinfection Proof, retrospective information, and non-marketing requirements. Strictly prevent, control, and control the spreading risk of imported cold chain foods.
  Online monitoring relies on the”Mongolian Cold Chain” traceability platform to implement the electronic food purchase and sales voucher system in the food wholesale process, and promote the establishment of food safety electronic traceability systems for food wholesale operators.
  2.”Hidden hazard investigation and management + risk hierarchical management and control” to strengthen process supervision
   In response to the multiple, universal, and emerging problems in the food circulation market in recent years, the dual supervision mechanism of hidden danger investigation and management and risk grading control and control is effectively applied to the comprehensive management of food circulation hidden dangers, which can effectively prevent systemic and regional problems Food safety risks.
  In terms of hidden danger investigation and management, focus on problematic foods with large consumption and many complaints and reports, and increase the supervision of milk, meat, grain, oil, rice, bulk wine, bulk oil, and other bulk foods. Scientifically formulate annual inspection plans, focus on large shopping malls, supermarkets, large and medium-sized wholesale operators, edible agricultural products wholesale markets, and farmer’s markets, and focus on rural and pastoral areas, tourist attractions, commercial areas and expressway service areas, and increase food safety Supervision and inspection efforts.
   In terms of risk management and control, with the deepening of “food safety self-inspection” as the starting point, the focus is on urging market entities to conduct food safety self-inspection in an all-round way, and timely reporting on the implementation of the main responsibilities of food safety. Continue to carry out the food safety risk classification and dynamic management of the circulation link, rely on the risk management and control platform to accelerate the promotion of intelligent and informatized risk classification, and promote high-risk enterprises to enter the risk management and control platform as soon as possible to conduct dynamic management. By the end of 2021, comprehensively implement risk-graded dynamic management of food sales, strengthen supervision of high-risk food operators, and explore and study supervision efficiency indicators.
  3.”Rectify key areas + comprehensively implement reforms”, explore details and sort out
   The special rectification and comprehensive implementation of reforms in key areas will be the “highlight” of food circulation supervision in 2021. Through in-depth investigation, guidance, inspection and supervision at the front line, the Market Supervision Bureau of Hohhot has identified the defects and loopholes in the market supervision system, comprehensively and systematically sorted out outstanding problems in circulation, deeply analyzed the reasons for the details, and strived to fill in the”missing” and”leaks.” .
   First, continue to carry out food safety improvement in rural and pastoral areas. Supervise food operators in rural pastoral areas to fully implement their main responsibilities, continue to carry out food business license review work, further improve the list of hidden food risks in rural pastoral areas, promote the standardized construction of food business stores in rural pastoral areas, and severely crack down on violations of rural food safety laws and regulations.
   The second is to deepen the supervision of the sales quality and safety of edible agricultural products in the market. Carry out edible agricultural product market sales quality and safety standardized management improvement actions, eliminate food safety and sanitation blind spots, supervise the edible agricultural product wholesale market openers and entry sellers to strictly implement food safety inspection requirements, guide the implementation of food safety information traceability management, and establish an edible agricultural product market Information or supervision platform to realize the electronic management of the files of operators entering the market.
   The third is to ensure food safety on campus and surrounding areas. Implement territorial supervision responsibilities, sort out and form a checklist of food operators on campus and surrounding food safety issues, establish a checklist for campus and surrounding food traders, implement inventory management, and conduct full coverage inspections on campus and surrounding food traders.
  Fourth is to deepen the promotion and popularization of low-fluorine brick tea. Regarding the supervision and random inspection of low-fluorine brick tea in 2020, the special rectification and random inspection of brick tea will continue to be organized, and the disposal of unqualified brick tea will be seriously carried out. At the same time, continue to work with the health, supply and marketing cooperatives and other departments to carry out the popularization of low-fluorine brick tea, and guide farmers and herdsmen to”scientific purchase and safe tea drinking”.
  Fifth, we will do a good job in the supervision of the food sales link of the”Yangtze River ban on catching and breaking the chain”. In accordance with the requirements of the “Implementation Plan for the Special Action to Combat Market Sales of Illegal Fishing in the Yangtze River Valley”, continue to strengthen the supervision of aquatic product operations, increase the supervision and inspection of aquatic product sellers such as agricultural product wholesale markets, farmer’s markets, shopping malls, and supermarkets, and strengthen edible water Raw material control and management of products.
   At the same time, deepen the reform of food business licenses, strengthen the filing management of third-party online food sales platforms, further optimize the license process, shorten the license period, fully implement the electronic certificate of food business licenses, and improve the convenience of food business licenses. Strengthen the supervision during and after the event in accordance with the law, insist on equal emphasis on scientific supervision and optimized services, and continuously stimulate the vitality of market entities.