The Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology has released the 2021 agricultural science and technology technical list, which can be announced!
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  Food Partner Network News On March 23, the Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology issued a notice on the technical list of agricultural science and technology in 2021, According to the notice, in order to implement the work requirements of”revealing the list and taking command” of key projects, focus on solving the difficult problems of the agricultural industry, centering on the key deployment of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, through the”bottom-up solicitation of technical requirements” and”top-down condensing””Key Directions”, the Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology has researched, formulated and released 4 technical lists including”Accurate Development of Infant Formula Milk Powder Based on Breast Milk Research”, and relevant units can actively declare the list.

  Declaration time

  Applicant’s network acceptance time:March 24, 2021 to April 7, 17:00

  The deadline for review of application units:April 8, 2021 17:00

   Centralized recommendation review deadline:April 9, 2021 17:00

  related requirements

  1. The listing unit should be an enterprise or institution registered in the administrative region of Hebei Province or affiliated to Hebei Province, with independent legal personality. Higher education institutions, scientific research institutes, and enterprises outside the province can participate in the application project as cooperative units, and the cooperative unit shall sign a cooperation agreement with the lead unit.

  2. A joint application for production, education and research must be organized, the unit that unveils the list should have a foundation for preliminary research, and the project team has the intellectual property rights of the core technology.

  3. Each technical list supports 1 project, the project implementation period is 1-2 years, and the special fund does not exceed 3 million yuan.

  4. The technical list projects in the field of agricultural science and technology are included in the unified management of the science and technology plan projects in Hebei Province, and they are subject to the restriction rules.

  5. The ratio of self-raised funds and applied for provincial financial assistance shall not be less than 1:1 for the project that the enterprise takes the lead to declare.

  6. For other matters of project application, refer to”2021 Notes for the declaration of annual provincial science and technology plan projects”. (Log in”Hebei Province Department of Science and Technology Website”-“Science and Technology Plan”-“Hebei Province Science and Technology Plan Project Comprehensive Service Platform” for operation).

The technical list in the field of agricultural science and technology in 2021 is as follows:

  Infant formula milk powder precise development technology list based on breast milk research

   (Guide code:3140101)

   One. Project background

  ”Hebei Province Milk Industry Revitalization Plan (2019-2025)” proposes to vigorously develop infant milk powder, which will be achieved by 2022 in Hebei Province The market share of infant milk powder ranks first in the country. Infant milk powder is the most important breast milk substitute in modern infant and young child feeding, and breast milk is the gold standard for the development of infant milk powder. my country has not yet established a systematic database specifically for Chinese breast milk, especially the lack of research on biologically active ingredients in breast milk, which severely restricts the upgrade of infant formula milk powder in my country. The national standards for infant formula milk powder in my country have wide nutrient limits, which only stipulate the upper and lower limits of nutrient safety from the perspective of food safety. The scientific design range of nutrients has not been further clarified. How to design the formula scientifically and accurately has become an urgent need for the production of infant formula milk in my country Major problems solved.

   2. Project goals

   Collect breast milk samples from my country, build a database of key nutrients and active ingredients in breast milk in North China, and use modern biological analysis techniques to study the basic components and main activities of breast milk It also establishes standardized testing methods suitable for production and application and acceptance criteria for functional raw materials, develops breast-milk infant milk powder, and realizes industrialization.

   Three, assessment indicators

  1. Construct a regional breast milk database in North China, mainly in North China, collect more than 1,000 breast milk samples, covering the main nutritional indicators in breast milk More than 30 items.

  2. Innovate more than 3 detection methods for oligosaccharides, lactoferrin, milk fat globular membrane protein and other active ingredients in breast milk to establish functions There are more than 5 acceptance standards for sexual raw materials.

  3. Establish precise design intervals for more than 15 nutrients in formula milk powder suitable for infants and young children in my country, and develop breast-emulsified infant formula milk powder 1- 2 with an annual output value of 200-300 million yuan.

  Maize starch trehalose crystal purification technology list

   (Guide code:3140201)

   One. Project background

   Corn is the main food crop in my country, and it is also an important industrial raw material. In the”Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Revitalization of Rural Industries,” the State Council proposed to upgrade the agricultural product processing industry and support the development of agricultural product processing industries in major grain producing areas and characteristic agricultural products advantageous areas. The processing technology of corn starch in our province is leading in the country. Increasing the extraction of trehalose in corn starch is the difficulty and key point in production. Trehalose is a natural sugar that has the effect of non-specifically protecting the activity and function of biological cells and macromolecules. It can improve the cold, drought and freezing resistance of animals and plants. It can be widely used in food and medicine production. However, the current production process has outstanding problems such as low catalytic efficiency of enzyme preparations, backward crystallization process, low unit consumption of trehalose conversion, high consumption of various auxiliary materials, and large water consumption, which need to be improved urgently.

   2. Project goals

   optimize the method and production process of domestic high-quality corn starch into trehalose. Cultivate corresponding enzyme preparations, improve and optimize the production process, increase the overall conversion rate, reduce production energy consumption, and form a reproducible continuous crystallization processing technology for corn starch production and trehalose.

   Three, assessment indicators

   1. Optimally cultivate a variety of suitable enzymes, increase the conversion rate of enzyme preparations, increase the trehalose production rate to over 80%, and establish a production demonstration line.

  2. Improve and optimize the production process, shorten the process, realize intelligent production, and reduce water and electricity energy consumption by more than 50%.

  3. Reduce production costs, mass production is possible, and the pilot demonstration effect is good.

  Hebei Province cold water fish Integration and demonstration of green and efficient breeding technology

   (Guide code:3140301)

   One. Project background

   In order to consolidate and expand the achievements of industrial poverty alleviation in our province, do a good job in the effective connection of poverty alleviation in mountainous areas of our province and rural revitalization, focusing on scientific and technological assistance in our province The key task is to use the abundant cold water resources in the mountainous areas to continuously develop the cold-water fish breeding industry, effectively solve the key problems that restrict the development of the industry such as the high incidence of breeding diseases, the lack of green and environmentally friendly feeds, and the treatment of breeding tail water, so as to support the prosperity of the characteristic industries in the mountainous areas and the prosperity of farmers’ lives.

   2. Project goals

   In response to the frequent occurrence of cold-water fish breeding diseases in our province, the focus is on the research and development of the main diseases of sturgeon and rainbow trout, the pathogenic mechanism and prevention and control of pathogenic microorganisms Technology; Integrate a series of cold water fish feeds with low nitrogen and phosphorus, nutritional balance, and high efficiency; for cold water fish farming tail water excessive nitrogen and phosphorus emissions, research and development of cold water fish farming tail water treatment series technology, so that the farming tail water discharge meets environmental protection requirements; Explore the development model that combines cold-water fish farming and recreational fishery, establish high-efficiency aquaculture demonstration bases, extend the industrial chain, and promote the integrated development of the three industries.

   Three, assessment indicators

  1. Integrate cold-water fish main disease prevention and control, green and efficient compound feed, tail water treatment and other technologies to establish a suitable cold-water fish in Hebei Province Green and efficient technologies have been promoted and applied throughout the province, with a promotion and application rate of more than 40%.

  2. 2-3 integrated aquaculture tail water discharge treatment technology modes, meeting the discharge standards required by environmental protection; cold water fish feed protein and phosphorus content respectively Reduce by more than 20%, reduce the nitrogen and phosphorus in aquaculture tail water by more than 20%, reduce the feed coefficient by more than 5%, increase the survival rate of cold water fish farming by more than 10%, and reduce the loss caused by disease by more than 15%.

  3. Establish more than 5 high-efficiency breeding demonstration bases, apply for 2-4 patents, formulate 1 technical regulation, and train more than 100 technicians .

   Hebei Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Quality Traceability System Construction and Application Technology List

   (Guide code:3140401)

   One. Project background

   In the”Opinions on Promoting the Inheritance and Innovative Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, the Central State Council proposed to establish a traceability system for the whole process of the production, circulation and use of Chinese medicinal materials to realize Chinese medicine The source of key varieties can be checked, whereabouts can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated. Focusing on the implementation of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, it is clearly necessary to strengthen the supervision of the safety and quality of traditional Chinese medicines, further improve the quality traceability platform of Chinese herbal medicines, and promote the establishment of a traceability system for the whole process of production, circulation and use of Chinese herbal medicines. Our province is a major province of Chinese medicinal materials, and there is a lack of integrated planning, construction and application in the construction of the quality and safety traceability system for the production of Chinese medicinal materials.

   2. Project goals

  Using modern information technology to build a quality and safety traceability system for Chinese medicinal materials in Hebei Province, the traceability system incorporates blockchain technology to integrate the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and The joint application of the growth model of medicinal materials, the use of big data to integrate the production information of Chinese medicinal materials, enhances the anti-risk ability of the Chinese medicinal materials industry planting and primary processing of the production area, and promotes related enterprises to improve quality and efficiency.

   Three, assessment indicators

  1. Establish a comprehensive service platform for quality traceability throughout the production process of Chinese medicinal materials, including information on the resources of Chinese medicinal materials in Hebei Province, planting of Chinese medicinal materials, and primary processed products in the production area Network monitoring, expert services, big data analysis of the Chinese herbal medicine code system; standardize the interface standards of the traceability integrated service platform, dock with the national traceability service system, and realize dynamic access.

  2. Obtain more than 6 software copyrights, and train no less than 10,000 people/times for platform promotion and application during the execution period, and the number of experts in the system is not Less than 100 people.

  3. After the project is completed, enterprises in the production of Chinese medicinal materials have settled in, and no less than 1,000 planting bases in the province have signed contracts (including those using IoT video monitoring Not less than 100).

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