The General Administration of Customs handles high-quality 234 proposals for the National Two Sessions in 2020
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   15 proposals related to the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic.
   0 proposals related to combating the smuggling of sugar and other agricultural and sideline products, wild animals, and solid waste.
  The comparison of a set of figures highlights the new features of the customs proposal and proposal handling work that is different from the past. The reporter learned from the General Administration of Customs that the General Administration of Customs handled 234 proposals from the National People’s Congress and CPPCC members assigned by the National People’s Congress in 2020, including 159 proposals and 75 proposals.
  ”New Attention” highlights the focus of customs work and the effectiveness of handling
   Judging from the content of the proposed proposals, last year the majority of representatives and committee members have new concerns, playing the role of the customs in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and building the national quarantine defense line to actively advise and provide suggestions. Customs across the country have thoroughly implemented the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping. According to the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic at ports will be the top priority of the customs work in 2020…
   It is worth noting that in the past years, the representative committee paid more attention to the issue of increasing efforts to combat the smuggling of sugar and other agricultural and sideline products, wild animals, and solid waste. None of the proposals undertaken last year were involved. This aspect reflects that due to the continuous efforts of the General Administration of Customs in related work in recent years, positive progress has been made in the resolution of related issues. In 2019, the General Administration of Customs received 5 proposals on commodity classification. The General Administration of Customs sent personnel to communicate with representatives face-to-face, conduct in-depth on-site investigations of relevant enterprises, and actively promote the successful resolution of problems. No similar suggestions were received last year. proposal.
   In addition, of the 234 proposed proposals, 72 were sponsored by the General Administration of Customs, independently handled and handled separately, an increase of about 10%year-on-year, accounting for 30.7%of the total number of proposed proposals. The increase in the number of direct responses exceeds the increase in the total number of contractors, which fully demonstrates that all sectors of the society are more concerned about and expecting customs work.

  ”new method” highlights the customs’ emphasis on handling recommendations
  The Party Committee of the General Administration of Customs has always attached great importance to the handling of proposals. In order to promote standardized handling of suggestions and proposals and improve the quality of replies, the General Administration of Customs has developed a proposal and proposal processing subsystem on the office automation platform. Since last year, all suggestions and proposals have been handled in this system. At present, the General Administration of Customs has not received any feedback from the representative members that they are not satisfied with the handling.
  Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the General Administration of Customs has actively innovated methods and kept close contact with representatives and committee members. Any suggestions and proposals sponsored by the General Administration, independently managed, or separately managed, must be communicated with the representative committee through appropriate means before a formal reply. In addition to telephone contact, it is also encouraged to communicate with representatives in a timely manner through video and other means.
   According to changes in the epidemic prevention and control situation, through a combination of”going out” and”inviting in”, timely visits to representatives and committee members. For those unable to proceed due to the impact of the epidemic, take advantage of the customs’ vertical leadership system, entrust the responsible comrades of the customs where the representative members are located to lead the team, listen to the opinions and suggestions of the representative members face-to-face, and actively provide relevant information to the representative members.
   While organizing and promoting various undertaking departments to complete the handling tasks, the General Administration of Customs conscientiously summarized the successful practices and innovative practices of handling work, deeply analyzed existing problems and deficiencies, strengthened training and exchanges, and summarized and promoted experience.
  ”New Achievement” highlights the initiative of Customs Huizhong to promote the development of intelligence
   Last year, the representative committee paid great attention to the customs’ work on strengthening the port quarantine defense line and”foreign import prevention”. The proposed proposals related to epidemic prevention and control, strengthening frontier port quarantine work, strengthening port public health system construction, and improving public health The emergency management system, supporting personnel exchanges between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao, and strengthening cross-strait public health cooperation are of high reference value. The General Administration of Customs will closely focus on its annual work tasks and will work together with the handling of proposals and port epidemic prevention and control, coordinate research, and implement precise policies. Through the handling of the proposed proposals, timely adjust the port epidemic prevention and control response strategy, play a good”first move” and take the initiative.
   Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the General Administration of Customs has conscientiously implemented the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. It has focused on handling suggestions and proposals related to the revitalization and development of old revolutionary areas and poverty alleviation. Active support will be given to demands for opening up, construction of designated places, and convenience for customs clearance. Last year, nine representatives of the two sessions suggested the establishment of Meizhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone. The General Administration of Customs took the initiative to contact Guangdong Province and Meizhou City to guide Meizhou to prepare for construction. In June, he took the lead in research and reported to the State Council for approval to establish the Meizhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone, which established a new platform for the open economic development of the former Central Soviet Area. In August, staff was sent to Meizhou to conduct field investigations and publicize policies to instruct Meizhou to effectively do the next step in the construction and development of the comprehensive bonded zone, and fully exchanged information about the comprehensive bonded zone with the representatives.
  The unique perspective and keen observation power of the representative members make the proposed proposals have high reference and guiding value for the current and long-term work of the customs. In the process of handling, the Customs not only conscientiously replied every suggestion and proposal, but also inferred from one another, and was not satisfied with”the case is closed”, and took the proposal and proposal processing as an opportunity to widely absorb public opinion and wisdom, promote the improvement of various decision-making, and insist on passing through it. A proposal to solve a class of outstanding problems, improve the work of one line, and improve the mechanism and system on the one hand.