The Fujian Science and Technology Plan University Industry-University-Research Cooperation Project undertaken by the School of Food and Bioengineering of Jimei University was successfully accepted
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   On March 12, the Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized relevant experts in Luxin (Fujian) Food Co., Ltd. to undertake the Fujian University Industry-University-Research Cooperation Project”Red Algae Sulfate Sugar Anti-allergic Food (or Feed)” to Professor Liu Guangming.”R&D of ingredients” (No. 2018N5009) for acceptance.
   More than 10 people including leaders of the scientific research department of the school, representatives of cooperative companies and project teams participated in the acceptance meeting. The expert group reviewed the acceptance materials, listened to the project report, and inspected the industrialization demonstration on the spot. After inquiries and discussions, the expert group unanimously agreed that the project was qualified.
   The project developed a hot water extraction combined with column chromatography, enzymatic treatment, high temperature pressure combined with acid hydrolysis of red algae sulfate sugar preparation process, established a pilot production line of modified agar, and developed related anti-allergic Food ingredients and related technical achievements have been demonstrated and applied in Luxin (Fujian) Food Co., Ltd.