The Food Circulation Safety Supervision Department of Suzhou Market Supervision Administration went to the company to inspect the centralized supervision warehouse for imported cold chain food
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   On the morning of March 3, the Food Circulation Safety Supervision Division of Suzhou Market Supervision Administration, together with the Food Production Safety Supervision Division and the Development Zone Bureau of the Municipal Bureau, went to Suzhou Furun Meat Food Co., Ltd. self-built centralized supervision warehouse inspection work for imported cold chain food.

   Inspectors asked the person in charge of Furun Company about the current company’s imported cold chain food storage, whether there are records of goods entering and leaving the warehouse, the recent cold chain food entering and leaving the warehouse and Basic operation conditions, etc., and then checked the on-site environment and personnel protection of the centralized supervision warehouse on the spot, and the company’s establishment of the centralized supervision warehouse for imported cold chain food, the operation of the cold chain food traceability platform in Anhui Province, batch code assignment, and import Put forward opinions on personnel management and control, elimination, and personnel logistics support for cold chain food work.

   At the same time, the following requirements are put forward:First, the centralized supervision warehouse system for imported cold chain food is put on the wall, warehouse entry records, exit records, nucleic acid testing records, Killing records, temperature control records, etc. must be complete. The second is to strictly check the traceability certificate, inspection and quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test certificate, and disinfection certificate of imported cold chain food to be consistent with the actual arrival. The third is that imported cold chain foods must fully implement preventive disinfection measures, kill them in place and have complete records, and must pass the local nucleic acid test before they can be released. The fourth is to strengthen staff management and control, strengthen personal protection, ensure adequate reserves of protective materials, and ensure the health and safety of front-line staff. The fifth is to report and file 24 hours before the arrival of the goods, and enter the Anhui cold chain food traceability platform according to batches in time after the arrival of the goods, and do a good job of accounting and assigning codes.