The first quarter food risk research and early warning exchange training meeting of the Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau emphasizes”deep water” to tap potential risks and”strike hard” to manage major hidden dangers
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   From March 24th to 26th, the Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau held the”First Quarter 2021 Food Safety Risk Research and Judgment and Early Warning Communication Training Conference” in Chengdu, The heads of some member units of the Provincial Food Safety Committee, the leaders of the 21 municipal (prefecture) bureaus in charge of food safety and the heads of the divisions (divisions), the business technical backbones of the inspection agencies undertaking the task of”national extraction” of the province, and provincial food More than 90 people, including experts from the Safety Expert Committee and heads of food-related departments of the Provincial Bureau, participated in the training meeting. Hao Minghong, the second-level inspector of the Food Sampling Inspection Department of the State Administration of Market Supervision, Zhou Chuanjun, deputy director of the Provincial Bureau, and Tang Youjun, the second-level inspector, attended the training meeting.

   At the training meeting, the Food Sampling Inspection Office of the Provincial Bureau notified the overall situation of the province’s food safety sampling and The division separately notified the food safety supervision and law enforcement in each link and field, especially the investigation and management of hidden risks, and put forward targeted supervision and law enforcement ideas; Chengdu, Panzhihua, and Luzhou three municipal bureaus analyzed and sorted out food safety sampling monitoring and daily supervision For the main hidden risks in the work, suggestions are made for the promotion of”inspection and supervision linkage” and the implementation of daily supervision priorities in the new year; representatives of inspection and testing institutions put forward risk prevention and control suggestions for key risks and hidden dangers discovered in the sampling inspection process; Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Provincial Health The Health Commission, the Provincial Food and Reserve Bureau, and Chengdu Customs respectively notified the food safety supervision and risk response measures within the scope of their functions; the food safety experts participating in the meeting conducted in-depth analysis of the speeches of representatives from various aspects and multiple dimensions, and summarized and proposed Targeted and operational countermeasures and suggestions.

   Hao Minghong, on behalf of the Food Sampling Inspection Department of the General Administration of Market Supervision, expressed his opinion on Sichuan Province’s adherence to the precedent meeting system for food safety risk research and the forward-looking, pragmatic, and rigorous performance of this training meeting We fully affirmed and encouraged the characteristics of the country, and notified the development of food safety risk early warning exchanges across the country, and proposed specific ideas and work requirements for innovating and promoting early warning exchanges:First, grasp the characteristics of risk early warning exchanges. In terms of the complexity of food safety risks, the asymmetry of food safety information, and the complexity of statistical analysis, we deeply analyze the challenges faced by the current food safety risk early warning and communication work, focusing on the use of case exchanges and typical ways of leading the way to make abstract The content of early warning communication is visualized and vivid. The second is to explore the path of risk early warning communication. Through in-depth exploration of system construction, team building, system construction, and early warning communication practices, we will continue to enhance risk early warning communication capabilities, and promote exchanges and cooperation with relevant departments and regions. The third is to build a long-term mechanism for early warning communication. Improve the supervision system and early warning communication system, pay attention to problem orientation, take food safety risk research and judgment as an opportunity, use the form of”statement by case” to focus on the weak links in the work, establish and improve related working mechanisms, and have the first-hand to prevent risks. There are also great ways to deal with and resolve risks and challenges. The fourth is to look forward to the prospects of risk early warning exchanges. Continue to strengthen early warning communication capabilities in terms of building risk early warning communication systems, improving risk discovery capabilities, strengthening talent team building, strengthening technical support, and strengthening early warning communication practice explorations, and further enhance the unity, professionalism and authority of food safety risk early warning communication Sexuality, take precautions, and let prevention work always”run” ahead of risks.

   Zhou Chuanjun emphasized that 2021 is the first year of the “14th Five-Year Keeping the bottom line of food safety and ensuring the overall stability of the province is of great practical significance. In the current situation of heavy responsibility and arduous tasks for food safety supervision, it is necessary to fully implement the”four most stringent” requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and earnestly implement the major decisions of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the General Administration of Market Supervision, and the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government on food safety work. Deploy, build a solid foundation for food safety supervision, and make every effort to protect the people’s”safety on the tip of the tongue.” The first is to coordinate the implementation of the food safety sampling and monitoring plan. According to the province’s “three plans” for food safety supervision and sampling, risk monitoring, and evaluative sampling in 2021, adhere to the principles of “three coverages” and “three combinations”, highlight problem-oriented risk prevention, standardize sampling and target precision requirements, and conduct comprehensive investigations and governance Potential risks to food safety. The second is the inspection and supervision linkage system to control the hidden dangers of food safety risks. To study and formulate the”Province Food Safety Risk and Hidden Risk Management Work Plan”, focusing on the prominent hidden risks in the food safety field, performing their duties, earnestly performing their duties, cooperating, forming a joint force, mobilizing positive factors in all aspects, and comprehensively preventing and resolving them Significant risks in the field of food safety. The third is to further improve food safety-related systems and standards. Adhere to the management of personnel and affairs according to standards and systems, actively participate in the formulation (revision) of food safety related standards, and carry out follow-up and evaluation of the implementation of food safety standards. In response to issues such as illegal additions and residues of agricultural and veterinary drugs, organize the research and formulation of food supplementary inspection methods and rapid inspection methods, carry out the verification of food rapid inspection results, and further improve the long-term mechanism of food quality and safety assurance. Fourth, continue to do a good job in cold chain food safety and epidemic prevention and control. In accordance with the requirements of the”Sichuan Province Cold Chain Logistics Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Plan”, relying on the management advantages of”centralized supervision warehouse + cold storage warehouse manager system”, we will solidly do a good job in cold chain food safety and epidemic prevention and control, and make overall use of existing resources to improve imported cold Chain food has a full chain traceability system from the port to the sales link; supervises and guides food producers and operators to store and sell imported cold chain food at special counters; increase the full coverage and investigation of the company’s self-built cold storage and third-party cold storage. Fifth, comprehensively improve the ability of food safety risk research and judgment. Be good at discovering and capturing risks, and establish and improve related work mechanisms for weak links and shortcomings in work; strengthen early warning exchanges, grasp professional technical support, prevent and resolve risks, promote social governance, etc., to ensure continuous improvement of food safety supervision work File upgrade, improve quality and efficiency.

   At the training meeting, the participants also insisted on problem-oriented, goal-oriented, and result-oriented, focusing on the responsibility of the party and government, evaluation management, inspection and supervision linkage, regional collaboration, and funding We conducted on-site discussions and interactive exchanges on security, team training, etc., carefully sorted out the problems and doubts we faced, brainstormed, spoke freely, and put forward many constructive opinions and suggestions. Everyone generally felt that the research and judgment training will be very fruitful and not False trip.