The European Union reports that my country’s exports of bamboo cups and baby silicone cups are unqualified
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  Food Partner Network News According to the European Union’s Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF), on March 23 and 24, 2021, the European Union notified my country that China’s exports of bamboo cups and baby silicone cups were unqualified. The specific notification information is as follows:

Time of notification

Notification country

Notify products


Reason for notification

Sales status/actions taken

Type of notification



Lysine sulfate


Ronidazole, a prohibited substance (34µg/kg)

Distributed to other member states/no action taken

Follow-up information announcement



Bamboo cup


Migration of formaldehyde (18.0 mg/kg); migration of melamine (5.2mg/kg)

No release information/exit from the market yet

Notification of entry refusal



Baby silicone cup


Migration of volatile organic components (1.1%)

Notified country has not been distributed/recalled from consumers

Follow-up information announcement

   According to reports, substandard lysine sulfate was distributed to Belgium. reminds all export companies to strictly follow the requirements of EU member states to export their products, pay attention to the amount of migration of various substances in food contact materials, do not use unauthorised substances in the EU, ensure the safety of food and related products, and avoid exports risk.