The Eurasian Economic Commission amends the”Regulations on Phytosanitary Control (Supervision) Procedures”
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Food Partner Network News News from the official website of the Eurasian Economic Commission:March 5th:The Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission revised the”Regulations on Phytosanitary Control (Supervision) Procedures” to regulate plant inspection and quarantine personnel to carry out product packaging and labeling Management and control work.

The current version of this document does not conduct unified supervision on the packaging and labeling of controlled products imported into the territory of the Union and circulated among the member states. There is no provision for special labeling in the wooden packaging materials, but the”Unified Plant”Quarantine Requirements” has made requirements for its use.
The website stated that the amendment can ensure that the authorized agency can identify the phytosanitary status of products that cannot be confirmed in the phytosanitary certificate, and can return the imported or transported wooden packaging materials that lack the mark on the supervised product and the package to the shipment Or destroy the disposal decision.