The effectiveness of Guangxi’s precise control of cold chain food
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   Since December 2020, the Guangxi market supervision department has relied on the”Bagui Cold Chain Link” traceability platform to accurately control cold chain food and has achieved significant results. Statistics show that as of March 21, Guangxi 6,759 cold chain food companies that have been included in the retrospective platform supervision have actively reported 1,379 varieties, 450,000 single inbound and outbound batches and 130,400 tons of cold chain from 70 countries and regions. Food information, to realize the traceability of the whole chain of cold chain food information, so that the safety of cold chain food is further guaranteed. Li Bin, vice chairman of the Autonomous Region, fully affirmed the results of the”Bagui Cold Chain Link” at the 2021 (expanded) video and telephone conference of the Autonomous Region Food Safety Committee.

   tracing back to the source, precise strikes. From February this year, after the cold chain special team of the State Administration of Market Supervision has managed the authority of the Guangxi authorized platform, the information of the imported cold chain food order numbers that flow into Guangxi every day can be derived from the national platform and immediately notified the local market supervision departments to conduct online On verification. At the same time, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Market Supervision was invited to provide technical support to derive the information of the product number from Guangdong to Guangxi, and the market supervision departments at all levels to carry out accurate back inspections. Up to now, the market supervision departments at all levels in the region have supervised and inspected 9,691 imported cold chain food producers and operators, filed and investigated 32 cold chain food cases, stopped selling, and sealed 12,300 kilograms of problematic food in the special area. A total of 1,434 order numbers were checked, and the three companies that had concealed information or had incomplete”three certificates” were found offline, and the products in question were also sealed up and filed for investigation as soon as possible. Through online and offline investigations, we have implemented precise strikes on problematic foods, realized the traceability of the entire process of closed-loop control, and minimized the risk of new crown virus import.

   unblocking and combining to consolidate the results. One is to pay attention to”sparse”. For imported aquatic products and fruits that cannot be issued with entry cargo inspection and quarantine certificates, disinfection certificates, and nucleic acid test certificates, we rely on a third party to set up special inspection points to conduct full inspection and complete elimination of imported frozen products to ensure the quality and safety of imported cold chain foods. The second is to strengthen”blocking.” With the help of the online monitoring function of the platform, companies that have not reported information within 3 days are listed as key supervision objects, and measures such as interviews and warnings are taken to the person in charge of the company, and all imported frozen products that do not report information are sealed, and no production, processing and listing are allowed Sales, and report companies with incomplete information on the”Four Certificates” to the local smuggling department to provide accurate clues to crack down on illegal and criminal smuggling of frozen products, and strictly prevent the inflow of illegal frozen products.

   Improve efficiency and reduce costs to help development. As the main port cities for imported frozen products from Vietnam, the market supervision departments of Fangchenggang, Baise, and Chongzuo focus on improving efficiency and reducing fees, optimizing service development measures for the cold chain industry, increasing the efficiency of nucleic acid testing, and increasing the speed of customs clearance for imported cold chain food. Ensure the efficient operation of the traceability platform. Speed ​​up. A resident laboratory was added to the centralized supervision warehouse for imported cold chain food. The cold chain food nucleic acid test was transferred from the original cross-regional inspection to the resident inspection, and the time for issuance of the test report was shortened from 12 hours to 4 hours; the resident laboratory Samples are received and tested 24 hours a day, providing a strong guarantee for enterprises to report the”three certificates”. Grasp the fee reduction. Through the communication and coordination between the market supervision department and the testing agency, the cost of preventive disinfection of cold chain food has been further reduced, and the cost of disinfection has been reduced from 950 yuan/cabinet to 750 yuan/cabinet, saving more than 500,000 yuan in operating costs for enterprises. Hundreds of local enterprises have therefore Benefit.