The centralized supervision warehouse for imported frozen food in Huaihua City was completed and put into operation
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   On February 22, a large Dongfeng truck stopped at the entrance platform of the centralized supervision warehouse for imported frozen food in Huaihua City. The staff strictly followed the closed-loop management process to carry out the vehicles. Disinfection, and carry out processing of cargo outer packaging disinfection, nucleic acid sampling, etc., for 26 tons of imported frozen food such as chicken feet, chicken wings, pork belly, beef and other countries that have been reported to the United States, Brazil, Argentina and other countries in advance. Supervise and supervise the whole process with the technical personnel of the disease control department. This marked the official completion and operation of the first centralized supervision warehouse for imported frozen food at the municipal level in Hunan Province, the centralized supervision warehouse for imported frozen food in Huaihua City. The operation of the centralized supervision warehouse will play an important role in the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic in Huaihua.

   In order to maximize the prevention of imported frozen food epidemic risk, Huaihua City’s market supervision and disease control departments cooperate with Jiahui Group to dry the frozen products market in Jiahui Logistics Park Build a centralized supervision warehouse for imported frozen food at the municipal level. Supervised warehouses are managed by partitions and warehouses. Before entering the warehouse, there are functional spaces such as vehicle disinfection area, loading and unloading operation area, sampling and disinfection operation area, warehouse exit waiting area, isolation area, etc., and there is no disinfection certificate, nucleic acid test report, entry quarantine inspection certificate, etc. , All traceability information is forbidden to enter the warehouse, and a dedicated channel is set up for the entry and exit of the goods to avoid cross-contamination.

   The supervision warehouse is divided into warehouses to be inspected, temporary storage warehouses, and unqualified disposal warehouses. The warehouses to be inspected are equipped with general and special areas, and the general area is used for procedures and nucleic acid The imported frozen foods that have been spot-checked again but have not yet been tested are stored in a special area for temporary storage of imported frozen foods with incomplete information and materials; the temporary storage warehouse is used for temporary storage and delivery of imported frozen foods that have passed the re-test of nucleic acid.

   Warehousing is implemented by appointment declaration. All imported frozen food that enters Huaihua City for storage, processing and sales must make an appointment and declaration to the warehouse special class 24 hours before the planned arrival , Truthfully fill in relevant information such as the place of departure, the customs clearance document number, the name of the goods, the disinfection status of the outer packaging, the status of nucleic acid testing, the number of the carrier vehicle, the place of receipt and other relevant information.

   From 0:00 on February 1, 2021, all imported frozen foods entering the Huaihua market will enter the centralized supervision warehouse for inspection, sterilization, and nucleic acid testing , Can only be sold after obtaining the”Certificate of Centralized Supervision and Release of Imported Frozen Food in Huaihua City”. Centralized supervision work is organized and implemented by the municipal market supervision, municipal health, municipal transportation, municipal commerce, municipal agriculture and rural areas, municipal public security, municipal traffic police, Huaihua customs, Hecheng district market supervision and other departments (units). At the same time, the market supervision bureau, The Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Market Supervision Bureau of Hecheng District, and the Jiahui Group assigned personnel to form a special team to guide the operators in the warehouse to carry out their work, so as to ensure that the entry must be entered, the inspection must be inspected, the consumer must be eliminated, and the imported frozen foods are fully tested, The outer packaging is completely eliminated and the source is fully traceable.