The academicians and experts gathered at Zhongnan Forestry University to discuss the rice industry’s”rice bowl in their own hands”
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   On March 20, the 2021 National Rice Deep Processing Industry Technology Innovation and Development Conference was held in the Lide Hall, Bowen Building, Central South University of Forestry and Technology. Sun Baoguo, Zhang Qifa, Zhang Hongcheng, Hu Peisong and other academicians of the two academies, as well as domestic experts and scholars in the field of grain, focused on solving common problems such as deep processing of rice, rational use of resources, value-added efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction, and shared new technologies and new products in the rice industry R&D status, focusing on providing intellectual support for management decision-making.
  The theme of the conference is”Innovative Development of Rice in China”. It is hosted by the Strategic Alliance of Rice Deep Processing Industry Technology Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and co-organized by Central South University of Forestry and Technology, and the National Engineering Laboratory for Deep Processing of Rice and By-products. Relevant leaders from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Provincial Food and Material Reserve Bureau, the Changsha Municipal Government, the Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and more than 200 corporate representatives from both inside and outside the province attended the conference.
  Sun Baoguo, Hu Peisong, Zhang Hongcheng, Zhang Qifa and other four academicians of the two academies successively made the”Fourteenth Five-Year” Food Science and Technology Innovation Development Strategy”,”Functional Rice Research”,”Comprehensively promote the green development of rice production, and promote the economic development of the Yangtze River Bring an academic report on the construction of a high-level”green granary” and”The Way of Rice in the New Era”. 14 industry experts including Jin Liandeng, a researcher at the China National Rice Research Institute, and Lin Qinlu, the dean of the School of Food Science and Engineering of our school, shared the research and development status of new technologies and new products in my country’s rice industry.
  Experts believe that the comprehensive promotion of green development of rice production and the high-level construction of”green granaries” are a major project to implement the Yangtze River Economic Belt Development Strategy and the National Food Security Strategy, and to build the world’s largest green rice field ecosystem is forever Continue to ensure the important support for China’s”absolute food ration security.” At present, the rice industry has a series of imbalances such as”light weight”,”heavy japonica but light indica”,”heavy harvest but light sales” and”heavy rice light add”. It is urgent to optimize the quality of varieties and strengthen the application of standardized technologies to suit local conditions to promote the industry. Innovate, increase research and development of intensive processing, create a platform for docking the industrial chain and supply chain, cultivate talent teams and other channels to promote the high-quality development of the rice industry.
  Principal Liao Xiaoping delivered a speech on behalf of the school at the opening ceremony. He pointed out that the food science and engineering discipline of our school has shifted from woody grain and oil deep processing to grain and oil deep processing since the”Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, aiming at the development needs of the grain and oil industry, and has successively obtained approvals for the National Engineering Laboratory for the deep processing of rice and by-products, and the deep processing and quality of grain and oil. It controls 10 science and education platforms such as the Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory, and 3 innovation teams in the national key field of”Rice Deep Processing and Comprehensive Utilization”, and has won more than 10 provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological awards including the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. This forum is of great significance for accelerating the overall improvement of Hunan’s rice industry during the”14th Five-Year Plan” period. He wished everyone that through sharing, grasping the dynamics and cutting-edge development trends of the rice industry, achieving complementary advantages, strategic synergy, and win-win development.
  The leaders of the Provincial Science and Technology Department and the Provincial Grain and Material Reserve Bureau delivered speeches successively at the opening ceremony. The conference also selected technology innovation awards, product innovation awards, and excellent paper awards. Academicians and leaders attending the conference jointly presented awards to the winners.
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