Taking multiple measures simultaneously, Laibin City Market Supervision Bureau strengthens health food safety supervision
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  Laibin City Market Supervision Bureau, in accordance with the work deployment of the autonomous region bureau and the local party committee and government, adopted”strong supervision, heavy assistance, and publicity”, and carried out multiple measures to solidly carry out health food safety supervision work.
  Strong supervision
  Conscientiously carry out system inspection of health food production enterprises. Guangxi Jinxiu Shengtangshan Natural Health Products Co., Ltd. is the only health food manufacturer in our city and a foreign exchange earning enterprise in Laibin City. In order to urge enterprises to establish a quality management system that is compatible with the health food they produce in accordance with the requirements of good manufacturing practices, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau strengthens daily supervision and inspection, and requires enterprises to seriously conduct self-examinations and conduct self-examinations one by one during the phase of suspension of production and resumption of the epidemic. Make rectification and submit a self-inspection report to the territorial bureau; and on the basis of the self-inspection carried out by the enterprise, organize inspectors to carry out system inspections of the enterprise, and search for them in terms of personnel system, process flow, equipment and facilities, packaging and storage, product testing, etc. There are loopholes in the whole production process or weak links that are prone to quality problems. A total of 13 problems were found in the system inspection. Through on-site feedback and suggestions for rectification, the company has completed the rectification within the deadline and reviewed the key control points, and the results of the review meet the requirements.
   Seriously carry out special clean-up and rectification work in the health food industry. Focus on the supervision and inspection of shopping malls, supermarkets, maternal and child stores, specialty stores, and pharmacies that handle health foods, and urge operators to improve business procedures, operate legally, and do not mix ordinary foods with special foods for sale, and use ordinary foods to pretend to be special foods Illegal sales behaviors such as sales; health foods whose names, labels and product manuals do not conform to the regulations are not allowed to be sold. Severely crack down on illegal activities such as false publicity and fraudulent marketing of food and health food by means of conferences, lectures, health consultations, and expert consultations. Strengthen the supervision of health food online marketing, and guide and standardize third-party platform providers and online health food manufacturers and operators to mark warnings and consumption tips such as”health food is not a medicine and cannot replace medicine to treat diseases” in a prominent position on the website. In the special rectification work, the city dispatched 1,897 law enforcement personnel, inspected 4 health food production enterprises, 1557 business units, ordered 21 rectifications, and completed 21 rectifications; supervised and randomly inspected 49 batches, of which 1 batch did not Qualified; received 2 complaints from the masses, and investigated 2 cases based on the reports; 3 cases were filed and investigated, involving a total of 4,200 yuan, and a fine of 58,554 million yuan.
  Heavy assistance
  While strengthening supervision, we will increase assistance. The 2020 new crown pneumonia epidemic caused Guangxi Jinxiu Shengtangshan Health Food Co., Ltd. to stop production for a long time, affecting the normal production and domestic and foreign sales of the company. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau assists companies in formulating work and production resumption plans to ensure the smooth resumption of work and production. In response to the unqualified product supervision and sampling inspections of health food manufacturers, they will go deep into the front line of the company with the expert team organized by the autonomous region bureau, from all aspects of production. Carry out a comprehensive diagnosis, improve system design and improve quality control. Work with the enterprise to find out the problems in each link from the purchase of raw materials, auxiliary materials and packaging materials to the production of finished products, carefully analyze the reasons for the unqualified inspection items, and improve the control of key elements of quality. Through comprehensive enterprise diagnosis and analysis to find problems, help enterprises to further improve and implement. At present, all the project indicators of the products submitted for inspection have been qualified, the key control points have been effectively controlled, and the hidden dangers of quality and safety in the production process have been eliminated, which truly solves the problems for the enterprise.
  Grab the promotion
   Make full use of LEDs in shops along the street, distribute promotional materials, set up information desks, outdoor publicity, etc. to strengthen the promotion of health food labels and instructions, so that the general public understands and grasps that health foods cannot replace medicines and strengthen the people A sense of self-protection, creating a good atmosphere of social supervision. Further promote the construction of the 12315 reporting and complaint hotline and platform, unblock the reporting and complaint channels, and guide and encourage the masses to actively participate in the crackdown on illegal production and operation of health food. In 2020, the city will carry out 26 health food publicity campaigns, with 2,459 participants and 3202 publicity materials distributed.