Taicang, Jiangsu:Joint special action to ban arrests on the Yangtze River, investigating 2 cases
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  Recently, in accordance with the unified deployment of the Yangtze River Ban Office of Taicang City, Jiangsu, the Taicang City Market Supervision Bureau cooperated with the Agriculture and Rural Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau and other departments. The Yangtze River banned the joint law enforcement operation.

The    joint law enforcement action inspected 138 fishing tackle shops, catering units, aquatic product operators, and farmers’ markets. Mainly check whether fishing gear such as fishing hooks and fishing nets meet the standards; whether there is confusion and misleading labeling”saury” in the menus of catering units, store advertisements, online advertisements, etc., whether there is an unidentified price, whether there is a sea knife purchase certificate and a fishing license, etc.; The inspection of the purchase of saury by the aquatic product trading unit, and whether the packaging label misleads consumers; whether there is saury for sale in the farmer’s market and whether the inspection of the purchase is done; the false propaganda that uses”Jiangxian” as a gimmick, etc.

   In this inspection, most of the catering and aquatic products trading units have asked for a fishing license, and can do a good job inspection of the purchase of sea knives. No”Yangtze River Shad” was found.”Yangtze saury” and”Yangtze puffer fish” and other related publicity, but there are still fishing gear sales units that did not post the Yangtze River ban publicity announcement, some catering units did not indicate sea knife wonton, and fish shop did not indicate sea knife and saury box There is a misleading text”swordfish entering the river”. Law enforcement officers ordered rectification on the spot. Two catering units with prominent problems will be held for administrative interviews, and two illegal acts will be investigated.

   Since the implementation of the”Yangtze River Ten-Year Ban Fishing Program” for more than a year, as a region along the Yangtze River, the Market Supervision Bureau has continuously and efficiently carried out publicity, inspection, and law enforcement for a year. 10 cases involving arrests on the Yangtze River have been handled. In the next stage, the Taicang City Market Supervision Bureau will strengthen communication and linkage with multiple departments, strengthen joint law enforcement, and strictly investigate relevant behaviors in the circulation field. Those involved in false propaganda will be severely punished, and those involved in the sale of illegal catches from the Yangtze River will be handed over to the public security organs.