Suining City Market Supervision Administration intensively interviewed unqualified food production enterprises in random inspections
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   In order to further strengthen the daily supervision of food production enterprises, supervise and guide the enterprises to operate in compliance with the law, on February 26, the Suining Municipal Market Supervision Bureau organized a meeting on the responsibility of sampling unqualified food production enterprises, and notified that they have been supervising in the past two years Prominent food safety problems found in inspections and random inspections and monitoring, find and analyze the root causes of the problems, formulate clear rectification measures, and arrange and deploy annual key tasks. Long Dezhi, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
   At the meeting, the Food Sampling Inspection Division notified the city’s food safety inspections since 2019, especially related to food production enterprises; the Comprehensive Coordination Division analyzed the problems in key industries, and proposed solutions and rectifications. Suggestion:The Food Production Division organized the study of the General Administration’s”Notice on Strict Supervision of Unqualified Food Production Enterprises for Sampling Inspection”, put forward specific requirements for the rectification of substandard products and problematic enterprises, and implemented the main responsibility of the enterprise, strengthened risk investigation and prevention and control, etc. The key tasks of the year were arranged and deployed.
   Long Dezhi, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau, emphasized that, first, we must implement the main responsibility and strengthen the prevention and control of food safety risks. It is necessary to urge food production enterprises to organize production in strict accordance with laws and regulations, food safety standards, and production license conditions, and earnestly implement the main responsibility for food safety. Second, we must implement supervision responsibilities and effectively strengthen supervision and inspection. It is necessary to increase the risk level of the food production enterprises that do not meet the sampling inspection or the problem sample, increase the frequency of inspections, effectively increase the inspection efforts, and urge the enterprises to continue to maintain the production license conditions; if the same food category is unqualified for multiple times in the jurisdiction, the actual situation of the jurisdiction shall be combined. Carry out special governance to strictly prevent regional risks. Third, we must adhere to local sampling and continue to increase sampling and monitoring efforts. It is necessary to adhere to the principle of local sampling inspection, combine with the annual summary and sort out the list of multiple batches of unqualified food production enterprises, rationally adjust the annual sampling and monitoring work plan, and increase the frequency of follow-up and random inspection of unqualified food production enterprises. Fourth, we must strengthen organization and leadership and strengthen overall coordination. It is necessary to coordinate market supervision forces, establish a seamless connection between inspection and disposal and daily supervision, take effective measures to solve practical problems, continuously improve the effectiveness of supervision, and ensure food safety.
   All counties (cities, districts) and industrial park food production safety supervision leaders, heads of stock offices, and heads of 26 unqualified food production companies participated in the meeting.