Suggestions from the Two Sessions | Wei Lihua, Representative of the National People’s Congress and Chairman and President of Junlebao Dairy Group:Drive growth with innovation to better meet consumer needs
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  The vibrant Chinese land has ushered in the NPC and CPPCC that have attracted worldwide attention. Wei Lihua, a representative of the National People’s Congress and chairman and president of Junlebao Dairy Group, actively offered suggestions and suggestions. When reviewing the”14th Five-Year Plan”, he said that Junlebao will adhere to high-quality development, continue to increase scientific research investment, and build a national-level R&D platform. Drive growth with innovation to better meet consumer needs.

   In January 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out during an inspection of Junlebao’s Dairy Industry:“Let the next generation of the motherland drink good milk powder” and “let domestic brands in Play a leading role in the market”. Jun Lebao always keeps in mind the general secretary’s entrustment, rises to the difficulties and advances bravely, completes the”six stability” and”six guarantees” tasks assigned by the state in a steady and orderly manner, adheres to the high-quality development route, and achieves rapid development.

  Consolidate the foundation for the development of the dairy industry and build a new pattern for the development of the dairy industry

   The”14th Five-Year Plan” clearly proposes to encourage the upgrading of the modernization level of the industrial chain and supply chain, and insist on independent, controllable, safe and efficient. Based on local resources, Junlebao pioneered and created an original “integration of the whole industry chain” production model, that is, pasture planting, dairy cow breeding, production and processing, and the entire process is self-owned and controlled to ensure product safety from the source. In 2020, Junlebao will build 380,000 acres of grassland exclusively for enterprises on the Zhangjiakou Bashang Grassland, planting high-quality forages on a large scale, and various indicators have reached international standards, which has greatly promoted the quality and efficiency of dairy farming.

   Junlebao milk powder has been highly appreciated by consumers since its listing for seven years. The repurchase rate has reached 96%, and the growth rate is leading the industry. Wei Lihua said that relying on the integration of the entire industry chain, Junlebao will continue to build a”five world-class” model, using world-class R&D, world-class advanced pastures, world-class leading factories, and world-class supplies. Commercial and world-class quality management system to ensure the high quality of products.

  Innovation breeds strong momentum and conforms to the new trend of national consumption

The    plan also mentions that it is necessary to”persist in innovation-driven development and comprehensively shape new development advantages. Enhance the technological innovation capabilities of enterprises and strengthen their position as the mainstay of innovation.” Grasping the general trend of consumption upgrading, Junlebao has always regarded technological innovation as its core competitiveness, continuously increased investment in scientific research and innovation, built a national-level R&D platform, and achieved fruitful innovation results. Junlebao has undertaken 6 national R&D projects, obtained 81 R&D patents, 15 scientific research appraisal results above the provincial level, and more than 30 scientific and technological achievements transformation.”At the end of May this year, Junlebao Dairy Technology Innovation Research Institute with a total investment of 250 million yuan will be put into use,” Wei Lihua said in a speech. Junlebao strives to achieve world-class research and development in three years and give full play to scientific and technological innovation. Revitalization of the dairy industry.

   At the same time, Junlebao continues to achieve strong breakthroughs in new products relying on technological innovation and the transformation of scientific research results:breaking the foreign technology monopoly, launching A2 milk milk powder, Youcui Organic milk powder, and launched low-temperature fresh milk Yuexian, 0 sucrose simple alcohol yogurt, flag fresh milk powder, etc., to meet the escalating nutritional and health needs of consumers. The sales growth rate of Junlebao infant milk powder, fresh milk, and low-temperature yogurt is among the best in the industry and has been recognized by more and more consumers.

   Wei Lihua said that this year is the beginning of the”14th Five-Year Plan” period. Based on the new development stage, Junlebao actively integrates into the new development pattern and continues to drive high growth with innovation. Quality development. This year, Wei Lihua plans to submit proposals to the conference on increasing the purchase of dairy cows, increase the options for purchasing high-quality dairy cows, expand the supply-side market, enhance the international bargaining power of Chinese companies, and promote the revitalization of China’s dairy industry.

   (Source:Jun Lebao)