Special class for cold chain logistics in Mianyang City:”Four Nos and Two Straights” surprise and spot check the operation of the centralized supervision warehouse for imported cold chain food and the responsibility system of the cold storage head in the city
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   From March 2 to 4, the staff of the cold chain logistics epidemic prevention and control team of the Mianyang Municipal Market Supervision Administration adopted the”four no two straight” approach Lengdu, Youxian District Zhaoyao Trading Co., Ltd., Zitong County Jincheng Trading Co., Ltd. and other centralized supervision warehouses for imported cold chain food and the operation of the cold storage director responsibility system of the Zitong Quanyan Food Business Department were carried out spot checks.

The    inspection team inspected the centralized supervision warehouse functional zone management, dedicated channel settings, guidelines and procedures, implementation of rules and regulations, emergency response plans, warehousing goods and personnel information Ledger records and other conditions, and focused on checking whether the nucleic acid test of the warehouse supervision team is fully covered once a week, whether the vaccination is fully covered, whether the disinfection record is complete, the temperature control of the cold storage, and whether the entry and exit procedures meet the requirements. In response to problems such as inconspicuous sign settings in individual centralized supervision warehouses, elimination methods to be improved, and incomplete storage and exit records, the inspection team put forward rectification opinions on the spot, requiring immediate rectification in place.

   The inspection team requires that the centralized supervision warehouse for imported cold chain food and the responsibility system for the head of the cold storage shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the guidelines and systems, and the entire process of the centralized supervision warehouse shall be monitored; It is necessary to strictly inspect imported cold chain food”two certifications, one report and one information”, and resolutely plug all loopholes that may lead to the spread of the epidemic; the centralized supervision warehouses and cold storages for imported cold chain foods must fully implement preventive disinfection measures, and strictly control the first pass ; It is necessary to strengthen the management and control of on-site personnel, strengthen personal protection, ensure adequate reserves of protective materials, and ensure the health and safety of front-line workers.