South Korea released the results of random inspections of direct-purchased foods overseas:148 unqualified products are prohibited from import
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Food Partner Network News On February 26, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) of South Korea issued a message saying:In order to ensure consumer safety, South Korea will not only conduct random inspections on imported food in 2020, but also Sampling inspections are carried out on foods that are directly purchased overseas for personal consumption imported into South Korea. Although safety inspections are not mandatory for such foods, MFDS will conduct safety inspections on foods that may be directly purchased online from home and abroad that may be risky. .
In 2020, South Korea’s MFDS conducted random inspections on 1630 direct-purchased foods for personal consumption. The results showed that 56 products contained pharmaceutical ingredients, 79 products contained ingredients derived from mad cow leather, and 11 products There is a risk of suffocation, two products use banned pigments, and the import of the above products has been banned from Korea.
South Korea’s MFDS stated that the scale of overseas direct purchases of food will be further expanded after the new crown epidemic. In order to strengthen the safety management of overseas direct purchases, the random inspection of such foods will be doubled in 2021.

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