South Korea implements a rapid processing plan for imported agricultural products in bulk on ships
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  Food Partner Network News On March 8, 2021, South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) announced that South Korea will start importing agricultural products (wheat, soybeans, corn, etc.) in bulk from today. ) Import inspection (sample extraction, commissioned precision inspection) to quickly handle the advance import declaration process.
   Ship bulk import of agricultural products:Agricultural products of the same variety with the same production country, product name, export company, and packaging location on a ship are imported in the state of shipment and unloaded at 1-2 ports in Korea.
   The rapid processing plan implemented this time was originally planned to amend the “Regulations on Inspection of Imported Food and Other Inspections” before July this year. However, in order to alleviate price instability caused by rising international food prices, and at the same time assist the domestic supply of food ingredients, Prior to the issuance of the amendments to the regulations, advance it in advance from the perspective of active administration.
   The main contents are ▲Onboard inspection sample collection of imported agricultural products in bulk from ships ▲Import declaration confirmation certificates will be issued to import companies that have completed the bonded area import and precision inspection first.