Sino-U.S. protein innovation and deepening seminar held in Beijing
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   On March 22, 2021, China Meat Association, China-US Agriculture and Food Cooperation Project, China Plant Food Industry Alliance held a Sino-US Protein Innovation and Advancement in Beijing seminar. This conference was held on the basis of consensus reached by the tripartite protein innovation online seminar on March 4, 2021. Its main purpose is to explore the opportunities and feasibility of cooperation between the two parties, so as to promote the commonality of the new protein industry and the animal protein industry. development of.

   The meeting was co-hosted by Chen Wei, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of China Meat Association, and Li Peiyi, Secretary-General of China-US Agriculture and Food Cooperation Project. First, Xue Yan, secretary general of the China Plant Food Industry Alliance, introduced the background and development of the China Plant Food Industry Alliance. He believes that the China Meat Association and the China Plant Food Industry Alliance can carry out public education, policies and regulations, technology research and development, and business promotion in protein innovation.

  Yu Hansong, deputy dean of the College of Food Science and Engineering, Jilin Agricultural University, believes that from a nutritional point of view, plant-based protein and traditional animal protein should not be mutually exclusive The alternative relationship, the two are complementary and balanced, and due to the different ingredients, plant-based proteins are also very effective in enhancing human immunity. The mixed formula can be used to enable consumers to receive a combined nutritional supply.

Feng Wenxi, senior consultant of Dacheng Law Firm, is very optimistic about the bio-fermentation technology in protein innovation. He believes that bio-fermentation technology can solve the current food process problems. You should refer to The mature biological fermentation technology of algae, soybean hemoglobin, mycelium protein and other products combines plant-based protein with animal protein. In terms of the supervision of this technology, how to name and classify is an urgent problem to be solved. Our country needs to make further adjustments in the safety assessment and reach a consensus with international standards in its position.

  Zhang Ziping, chief expert of the China Meat Association, believes that innovative protein products still need to be improved in terms of flavor and taste. Under the premise of common development with animal protein products, Meet the market’s consumer demand for meat products. Liang Shuzhen, secretary-general of the China Meat Association Food Safety and Meat Industry Healthy Development Working Committee, believes that the distinction and naming of traditional animal protein and protein innovation should be clarified, otherwise it will cause confusion in the market, cause confusion for enterprises, and cause regulatory authorities. Bring hindrance. Zhang Yuanfei, chief engineer of the China Meat Association, believes that protein innovation has brought challenges and opportunities to related industries in my country. In-depth discussions should be conducted on current issues in laws, regulations and market supervision. Liu Lei, deputy secretary-general of the China Meat Association and secretary-general of the Standardization Committee, believes that product ingredients, product definitions, and product standards should be clarified from the perspective of standard formulation-protein innovation is a good development direction, but a lot of basic work and coordination are needed. the work. Gao Guan, vice president of the China Meat Association, believes that protein innovation is of great significance for alleviating the pressure on resources and the environment, improving nutrition supply, and enhancing human health. The current key point of cooperation between institutions is in terms of policies, regulations and standards. Others such as public education, technology R&D, marketing, etc. are relatively easy to operate.

   Chen Wei, executive vice president and secretary general of China Meat Association, said in his concluding remarks that at present, there is a great controversy over protein innovation in my country, and consumers have the right to understand The specific composition of nutrients ingested by the human body is also the obligation of relevant professionals. He talked about his views and hopes on the protein innovation industry from the four levels of strategy, industrial sustainable development, cooperation, and regulation. He believed that cell meat and bio-fermentation technology will likely become a major trend in the meat product consumer market. There is still room for improvement. I hope that we can have more exchanges with the China-US Agriculture and Food Cooperation Project and the China Plant Food Industry Alliance, and continue to discuss related cooperation issues.