Sichuan Aba Prefecture deploys school food safety supervision and inspection in the spring of 2021
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   On March 25, Zhang Hui, deputy director of the Sichuan Aba Prefecture Market Supervision Bureau, convened the State Education Bureau, the State Health Commission and the Food Related Departments of the State Market Supervision Bureau, and held a special meeting to arrange the deployment of school food safety supervision and inspection work in the spring of 2021 .
   The meeting established a leading group headed by Bai Huirong, director of the State Market Supervision Bureau, Lu Xiaojun, director of the State Education Bureau, and Zhang Peiru, director of the State Health Commission, and the leaders in charge of each unit as the deputy heads. The backbone of the business was selected to form 3 inspection Group to supervise the canteens of colleges, technical schools, primary and middle schools and kindergartens. At the same time, the supervision team is required to be guided by the transmission of pressure and the discovery of problems, strictly implement the”four strictest” requirements for food safety, and urge all relevant units of school food safety to implement food safety responsibilities. Picture
  In accordance with”School Food Safety and Nutritional Health Management Regulations”,”Sichuan Province Primary and Secondary School Food Safety Management Measures”,”Catering Service Food Safety Supervision and Inspection Operation Guide”,”Sichuan Province Food Operation Link Food Safety Supervision and Inspection List”,”Catering Service””Food Safety Operation Regulations” and other regulations, combined with the relevant requirements of the normalization of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, follow the key points of the school canteen inspection, seize the risk and hidden dangers, and carefully inspect the food safety self-examination report of the school canteen and the overall county (city) The inspection situation and the rectification report on the problems found, focusing on the return visit and supervision last year, the state market supervision bureau and the state education bureau administratively interviewed the rectification of food safety problems in the school canteen, in-depth guarding the food safety on campus, and strictly abiding by the bottom line of food safety.